Making a Choice


There is a way of thinking that will keep you in inner conflict, suffering, anxious, experiencing lack, repeating tough lessons – and –

There is a way of thinking that will have you experience more love, peace, joy, harmony, abundance and all that you long for.

We have a choice.

Most of the time we are living unconsciously in a state of inner conflict, anxious, focused on lack and anticipating troubles. We are listening to the voice of the ego, separation and fear.  We are living outside of self, trying to manage life – asleep, unaware.

It’s in making that journey within that we discover truth and all the power, love and wisdom that is within us. We connect with our true selves, with the Soul.

The ego tells you to be afraid and that things are not the best.

Every day we need to practise thinking in new ways – realising how different it is to see what happens from the ego’s perspective and from the Soul’s perspective. Using our power to think and not giving our power away to our emotions. When we are caught in an emotion we are unclear and stressed. When we calm ourselves and sit and think, we find solutions. We are in charge of our energies and what we experience.

Every time you replace a negative thought with a spiritual positive one you are replacing the old faulty thinking and experiencing how this benefits you. Your mind and heart open up, your world opens up, your mind is renewed. You are enlightened.

Every time you refuse to express a negative emotion and instead transmute it by focusing on, for instance, love or harmony or joy, you are building these Soul Powers and making them stronger in your consciousness so that it becomes easier and easier to feel the beauty and to feel uplifted by these. You begin to enjoy these feelings so much that you realise how much you don’t want to experience the negative emotions. You realise how much the negative emotions create chaos and jagged energy in your field and why would you choose this very unpleasant experience when you could choose love, harmony, joy, peace, gratitude – all that you long for.

When you choose to think before you speak, to respond rather than react, to think carefully about your motives and to always practise self enquiry, you are mastering your energies in service of love. You are taking charge of your energies rather than allowing them to run you.

And every bit of work you do to master your energies in service of love and to choose to live in Soul consciousness, makes a difference to the whole of humanity. You are being of service in our world and increasing these energies in our world.


Creating what we truly want



It is time to stop thinking of ourselves as powerless in the face of life events.  This is giving our power away.

We need to claim that mighty power within us and use it. It’s time to change our experience and take action on what we want to see changed in our world.

We will only do this when we are prepared to change the words we use and the thoughts we think and come together to find solutions and take positive action. We must take responsibility rather than try to find someone to lay the blame on.

We are all in this together. If we continue the kind of thinking we have indulged in for a long, long time, we will simply continue to have the same experiences – lack, poverty, sickness, war, powerlessness.

Why would we choose to go on living in the same old way.

Change depends on each one of us.

Every time, you choose love instead of fear, you effect yourself and the whole of consciousness in a very positive way.

You have the power to stop the negative self talk and choose to learn to speak positively and encouragingly to yourself.  You can learn to be a love finder rather than a fault finder. This is a powerful energy to put out into the world and will change your experience.

You have the power to stop those negative stories you tell yourself over and over such as I am not supported, I am not good enough, I don’t deserve that, no one helps me, I am lonely, I am too old to change, Life is hard, life isn’t fair and so on. Put a stop to these and tell yourself a different story – get creative and know you can do this and enjoy it.

When we fill our minds with thoughts of how we want things to be [as opposed to decrying how things are] we are beginning the creation of that dream.  Dreams such as – health and prosperity for all, the end of competition and war and instead, people cooperating and helping one another out [everyone matters not just your nearest and dearest], ideas-sharing and solutions focus and positive action in all communities, a system of education which truly prepares our young people to develop character and to live fully and purposefully, businesses concerned with the good of all and not based on profit for the few, a unified government committed to growth and the greater good of all, hospitals devoted to healing the whole person on all levels, prisons truly devoted to rehabilitation and giving everyone the best chance, living sustainably and in harmony with the earth.

Let’s choose our thoughts and words with care, dream our dreams and take positive action together to bring them into creation.



Anger continued



The best way to deal with anger or any negative emotion, is to think about it and journal, so that you understand the cause of your anger. Keep discerning with your Higher Self and Spirit until it becomes clear to you.

It really helps to understand the inner cause of your anger or reaction rather than focus on the other as the problem and allow your emotions to get more and more rattled. When you blame the other you believe they are the cause of your anger rather than the trigger. You are left stuck in your anger. You are trying to change the other which you can’t. This leaves you feeling a victim and powerless. The only person you can change is yourself and this has you in charge and empowered. You don’t blame yourself either.

With love, firmness and honesty, seek to understand the inner cause of your anger. Then you will understand the adjustments you need to make and you will understand yourself and others more. You will expand your consciousness. You will heal what lies behind your anger.

Remember your Higher Self is bringing you this experience because there is something you need to understand more. You are repeating this lesson because you haven’t learned the lesson and you will keep repeating it until you do.

You need to listen to what’s going on for you and not by-pass this by thinking your anger is wrong and so not seeking to understand why you reacted in anger. Listen and seek to understand with love and firmness and the desire to learn. You are not bad, just stuck in faulty beliefs and these keep you suffering. It’s so important to acknowledge your emotions not squash them and also not to allow them to run you.

I had the lesson of feeling hurt by someone’s reactions over and over and I would think I shouldn’t feel hurt – this is a negative ego reaction. I would feel hurt and unaware of the anger behind it. [Others feel angry and unaware of the hurt behind it.] So I would try to replace the hurt feeling or more squash it, certainly not listen to why I felt hurt. Eventually I realised that I was not seeking to understand why this experience left me feeling hurt and when I used my journal and asking the help of my Higher self, I began to heal this repeated pattern and lesson and so not need it anymore.


As you journal like this, you begin to understand yourself more and you can see what needs clearing and healing.

Say you felt put down, put in the wrong, corrected. That is an emotional reaction because you believe another can put you down. But it is your interpretation that you have been put down. You cant be put down by another person unless you believe this. This is old faulty thinking

We need to radically change our thinking.

We are so trained in “me” thinking, ego thinking – relating everything to how it affects me. This is where we’ve been stuck because of the belief that we are the ego, the physical body, separate and therefore, under threat, in high alert, ready for fight or flight. No wonder there’s so much anxiety in people. We are not bad to be so much me-centred in our thinking. We didn’t know any different. However, now we are called on to live as a Soul, to remember who we are.


More on Anger



Anger is a very jagged energy. It’s an emotion that drains us of a lot of energy. When you don’t sit and journal about your anger, or stop and think about it before reacting, you will often carry it around with you for days.  I have witnessed someone carrying anger toward another.  She believed her anger was caused by this person. The truth is this person triggered her anger but the cause of her anger was within her, the cause being her thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, interpretations, stories she lives by. If she realised that journaling about the cause would help her to heal what was causing her anger, she would be using her mind to acknowledge it and seek to understand it.  As a result, she would let go of it rather than carry it around unresolved in her aura where it would be draining her and causing her discomfort. She ended up with serious back pain. It is a big shift to take in our thinking to realise that others or situations don’t cause our reactions, upset, that the cause is within us. Moreover, she had not even heard of this.

It’s an energy that can be tough to let go of, especially because you can believe you are right to be angry in this situation and you shouldn’t allow this person to behave like this with you. If someone is angry with you, don’t catch the dis-ease and react back with anger. Own your personal power and choose not to express the negative emotion you feel in reaction to their anger.

Once this person was very angry with me, he had misunderstood my message. I could feel my anger rising in reaction. I left the room to get something and as I walked down the steps I thought oh Gill, lesson, challenge, opportunity, and smiled. As I stood in the room below I had a very clear insight – I could go back up and crush the other with my “righteous” [as I believed] anger or choose love, rather than revenge. The desire is to put the other down because they put you down and you want to be top dog, never underdog. This is how the ego works. The ego believes the only way to feel self worth is to be top dog.

I spoke to myself about how the other person was tired, hungry and angry and that was a hard place to be. Why would I choose to make it harder for him. I returned to the room and it took me a few moments more of personal power to choose to open conversation rather than go silent and feel resentful, as was my old way of being angry.

If I had been angry in reaction, nothing would have healed and we would both be left suffering, nothing resolved.

An angry outburst leaves a negative energy in the room and affects others present and the furniture too, can hold it. It doesn’t relieve anything as many believe. It makes you angrier – though you may think you’ve released it in the outburst and let go of it.

The best way to deal with anger or any negative emotion, is to think about it and journal, so that you understand the cause of your anger. Was it that I felt put down, put in the wrong, corrected, powerless? Keep discerning with your Higher Self and Spirit until it becomes clear to you.