The Power of Conscious Choice

Purple flowers Janet


You have a choice –


You can choose to get all worried and anxious about something


to remain calm, pray, use your power to think and ask your Higher Self and Spirit to help you to find the best solution.

It’s just a habit, automatic reaction, to get anxious and to worry. Worry is negative affirmation and focus on what you don’t want. When I find myself getting pulled into worry, I smile and say to myself, Gill, is this what you want? I reply no and state what I really do want and choose to focus on this.

We are so caught, unconsciously, in negative expectations and if we keep holding negative expectations and focus, this is what we get, what we attract. I cannot emphasise this enough.

We have a choice to stay in negative expectation and focus


to replace the negative expectation with a positive one.

This all about the power of the mind to create the reality we want.


You have the choice to hold a grudge and to not forgive and carry this negative energy around in your aura where it is draining you, keeping you in this negative energy and causing you to attract more and more of this negative energy


you can choose to forgive and to see the lesson and challenge as coming to you to help you to learn something that will help you to move forward on your Spiritual path. See the lesson and challenge as exactly what you need to learn now. It’s not a bummer or wrong or a nuisance – no matter how small – it’s exactly what you need. The lessons that come to you help to expand your consciousness and to clear and heal faulty patterns that are getting in your way.

Realise that if you see the lesson and challenge as right for you, you can change your experience. If you continue to blame others and situations, then you continue to repeat the same old lessons and stay a victim.  Yes, the other is usually coming from their negative ego but do you want to catch the dis-ease or to learn, grow and heal? If you choose the latter, you choose to grow into Soul consciousness and not to give your power away to the ego and the faulty desires of ego.


You have the choice to own your personal power


to be powerless and caught in being a victim.

In every situation, you have this choice. We have never been educated in this and it’s an essential lesson on the Spiritual path. This is not about being angry, dominating, controlling, besting another or getting your own way. It’s much more than being assertive.

Personal power is more about having the courage to be true to your Self – not the ego but your Soul. This is about intuition, having a sense of your inner guidance and checking this out with your reason – knowing that your intuition will only guide you to good and to higher.

Developing Personal Power is the first lesson on the Spiritual path. There’s a chapter on this in my book “Journaling and the Journey within”, but it’s so important, I will devote a Newsletter to it in next few weeks.

Meantime, when you think you have given away your power, journal about it so that you understand why, what was going on for you. This way you are listening to yourself and learning to understand what personal power means.



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