The Rewards of an Ordered Life


Discipline strengthens you and is an essential part of developing personal power and putting order and structure into your life.

Many believe it’s the opposite of freedom. In fact the truth is that discipline, order and structure give you more freedom. They free up time that is wasted in being stressed, lack of planning and organisation and discipline, and feeling pulled in all directions.

People frequently experience overwhelm because of a lack of order and structure in life. When you are feeling stressed by too much happening, too many demands and that sense of too little time – stop. Don’t allow this suffering to continue.

Make some quiet time to reflect on why you are having this experience of overwhelm. Sit with your journal and ask your Higher Self and Spirit to help you to understand the cause of overwhelm and to discover solutions. Take charge and use your power to think.

In life there are many repetitive daily tasks and commitments.  Order, structure, discipline and planning make it much less hassle to manage these and the reward is you feel in charge of your day, your life, rather than having your energies all over the place.

When you decide that you are going to put more order into your life, you begin to see where and how it will make a difference to your experience. You need to be patient with yourself and to be ready to make adjustments according to what you discover as you work at it.

Use your journal to note down what you will focus on first. You might decide that the first change you will make is to get up maybe half an hour earlier so that you create a quiet space for you to start making a plan for your day so you are prepared.

Then you might add to this space by choosing as well as taking time to plan, that you will meditate for 3 of those days for 10 to 15 minutes and to journal for 4 days. This way you are increasing your sense of quiet and the wonder of silence and the effectiveness of listening to what’s really going on for you and tuning in to your Higher Self and inner guidance.

You need to be persistent and choose to be excited by this project rather than heavy – don’t allow any space to that critical inner parent voice. Focus on victories and on what you want to improve and how you will go about improving.

Don’t put it off. Decide that you will start today.  You might start by journaling and writing down how you desire to have more order and structure in your life and to build discipline. Write about how it will benefit you. Be strong and determined, and visualise yourself organised and feeling good. Remember it takes practice and never giving up.




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