Personal Power 2


As a result of the hold fear has on us, we give our power away in very many ways.

We give our power away to our emotions when we let our emotions take over.  You might feel angry about what someone does and react with anger, giving your power away to your emotions. Instead, you could acknowledge your anger, see what has happened as your lesson and choose to learn from it. This way you are claiming your personal power and using it to help you to learn and grow. Remember, whenever you get upset, the cause of the upset is within you, in your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, interpretations. The other person or situation is the trigger of your upset but not the cause.

We give our power away to other people when we depend on their advice rather than listening to our own inner guidance and using our conscious minds and common sense to discern what is best for us.  We give away our power, often, to people in authority or people with some importance in society.

We give away our power to our physical bodies when we don’t take charge of our bodies and let our body run us.

We give our power away to the media when we catch the fear that’s being put out.  We need to question and think about what we hear and choose what to listen to and what not to listen to.  Too much of the media is not helpful to us. A lot of it is negative repetition.

We give our power away to the weather when we let the weather dictate how we feel and behave.

People constantly give their power away to the ads believing what they say. Ads are powerful and we need to be very questioning and discerning and do our own research.

We give our power away to our inner child when we indulge ourselves, wallow, stay in our comfort zone, don’t face old fear habits and instead let them control us.

When you are not owning your personal power, you are a victim. You can’t help yourself if you don’t own your personal power.

Everything in life is teaching us to own our personal power. Personal power can help us in so many ways.

Working with Personal power will help you to be more focused and clear in your life, to take charge, to develop confidence, to learn to be true to your Self while also honouring and respecting others. It will help you to use your time far more efficiently by making daily plans, watching time wasters and being more focused and organised.  It will help you to respond rather than react and to manage stress. It will help you to make conscious choices and to set goals for yourself and stick to them. It will help you to push negative thoughts out of your mind and to replace these with positive, Spiritual ones. It will help you to take action and stop the habit of procrastination. It will help you to develop determination, discipline, courage, decisiveness detachment and persistence and to never give up or give into defeat. It will help you to think about what you were going to say and choose whether to say it or not and to be clear about your motives in any given situation.

We can only be really effective in life when we claim and use our personal power.



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