I am a psychotherapist and coach in the area of psychological and spiritual health and well being.  I started my working life as a social worker in a psychiatric hospital and realised the great need for counselling and psychotherapy.  I went on to study Psychosynthesis and had the great opportunity to work with the team in Eckhart House [The Institute of Psychosynthesis in Dublin] for 20 years.  I then went on to study more in the area of psychological and spiritual education and completed a coaching qualification in this in 2010 with the I Am University. This was the most interesting, challenging and best training I have ever been involved in.

The focus of the I Am University is to empower people to become masters and healers in their own right through the development of their consciousness.

I love my work – it has enlightened and helped me so much to understand the causes of suffering and how we can change and find creative solutions to any challenge.

I have seen clearly how fear operates in me and in others and in the world and how we can change this.

So many people know so much but it hasn’t helped them to create positive lasting change in their lives.  We need to create opportunities for people to work together more in facilitated groups so they can learn to live the wisdom they have learned and support one another in this.

It’s time for us to work together and to realise the opportunities of the challenges of our time rather than to feel defeated and believe in the doom and gloom stories.

We need to think about things and not just live out of the same old faulty unquestioned beliefs and thought patterns we are familiar with.  Familiarity seems to have convinced us that these are true, real – even unchangeable?

Another passion for me is the earth and our relationship to it, how we can take care of it and understand that we need to work together in harmony.  Nature has so much to teach us and to give us.

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