The Joy of Silence and Just Being

“In today’s rush, we all think too much – seek too much – want too much – and forget about the joy of just being.” Eckhart Tolle

Most people are over-stimulated – caught in the rush of life with little or no connection to self.

Things like coffee, tea, sugar, alcohol, recreational drugs, cause over-stimulation and keep people on a false high and this increases stress. Then the low energy follows.

A lot of talking, socialising, busy-ness, keep people over-stimulated. We tend to keep filling in the spaces.

Think about the joy of just being. Write about it in your journal and what it brings up for you. Write about how you could make more space for this and for silence in your daily life.




The consequences of dwelling on negative stories


When you tell a negative story or dwell on negative stories, you keep them alive and strong and you are living in this negative energy, carrying it around in your energy field. It drains you, pulls you down into the energy of the story and the suffering you experienced. Also – and this is important – it keeps bringing this kind of energy towards you so that you experience more of what you found so painful.

What we focus on, what we give attention to, grows. So it’s important to stop living in this negative, draining energy and to understand how we can help ourselves to heal.

Why do we allow so much of our energy to be tied up in the past rather than using it to learn from the past so we can be clearer about what we want to create in our lives now?

It’s like the inner child is longing to be heard and understood, longing for someone to take this pain away. The inner child feels nobody understands the pain they experienced and keep experiencing. It becomes a familiar place.

It is good to experience a painful story being listened to and to receive the compassion of another but in some situations more is necessary so that we heal that experience. It is also very important to seek counselling for issues that are troubling you and to be ready to give this to yourself. There are times in life when most of us need help to sort things out and benefit greatly from this. This takes courage. It is those who want to grow and improve their experience who take this step. Sometimes this is enough to bring about healing but for some of us there are experiences that don’t get sorted out in these ways.

What is important is to listen to those stories yourself. Listen to what’s causing you pain. Journal about them and why they are still so strong in your life now. Change your attitude that you are a victim of them and choose to see them as part of your path. This is a big change in attitude and you need to choose to try it out and give it a fair chance. You might not accept this idea at all in the beginning. It’s a leap.

When you write about them, this can pull you back into the emotion so it’s important to write the story in just a few sentences and to focus on using your mind. You are acknowledging the emotion but you don’t want the emotion to take over so that you can’t see clearly and are stuck back in the pain of that emotion.

Then ask yourself why you live in this story? How does this serve you? What do you want?

Really listen to you and try to get a sense of how this old suffering is still causing you suffering and holding you in a tough place. Begin to get a sense that you have choice here.  Begin to say to yourself “I don’t need to feel this way anymore”. Feel the freedom of that.



Life is unfolding for our Good

Copy of sun-150x150

When something happens to upset us we react emotionally. If, instead, you calm your emotions and sit with your Higher Self and Spirit and take time to think about what has happened, you see solutions. You are in charge.

Adopt the attitude that everything is a challenge and opportunity and life is unfolding for your good. This is very different to our learned attitude to fear what happens, to anticipate troubles, our focus on expecting problems.

When lessons come they are showing us how we are out of balance, off track, and if we use our power to think and seek to learn from them, we realise how we are out of balance and then we can make the needed adjustments so that we don’t need that lesson again.

Now, we can know these things – the key is to apply them, to live them and this takes discernment, using our power to think, effort, journaling, meditating, making daily silent time, and very often this is where we fall down and let things slide.

We need order, structure in our daily life. We need to create a daily silent hour for ourselves, a time to meditate, journal, understand more, read uplifting spiritual work that stretches us, learn to understand how we can apply all the wisdom we are learning.

Personal Power is


Personal Power is the power in you –

To choose love rather than fear.

To choose the thoughts you allow into your mind and those you don’t allow.

To take responsibility for yourself and what you experience

To keep learning, growing, improving, progressing.

To be ready to acknowledge your faults and weaknesses, with love and forgiveness and to firmly work to clear and heal them.

To be true to your Self

To choose love rather than to be right.

To think before you speak.

To be clear about your motives

To choose to live a life of purpose and meaning

To give of your best

To make a difference in our world

To use your power to think and not give your power away to your emotions

To put up your Golden Forcefield of Love all around you first thing in the morning and any time you are experiencing other people’s negativity – surrounding yourself in love and understanding – real protection.

To replace a vice with a virtue; to switch your attention from negativity to spiritual, positive thinking and feeling.

To make conscious choices

To respond rather than to react.

To master your energies and use them in service of love

To sacrifice your lower self and to live from your higher self. To not give in to your ego but instead to choose the way of your Soul, the way of love.  seeing everything through the eyes of your Soul

To refuse to express a negative emotion while at the same time acknowledging it, taking responsibility for it as your own emotion and journaling to understand what in you caused it so that you can resolve it and heal it.

To move out of your comfort zone

To continually set goals and stick to them always seeking to improve.

To make daily /weekly plans, to have order and structure in your life [never rigid, always ready to adapt and yet not giving up on your plan or structure]

To overcome addictions, to set limits to TV viewing and use of screens, to get to bed at a certain hour so that you can also get up at a time that gives you the space to prepare for your day.

To never give up.

Personal power is about decisiveness, determination, courage, steadfastness, direction, discipline.

Personal power is a seed potential within you but you need to claim it and use it and use it for good.  You develop it by using it, setting goals and sticking to them and by realising how essential it is to your health, well being and growth. You have the strength and personal power within you that everyone else has.



Purple Flower JuneJR

Truth is something we discern from within.  As we develop a relationship with our Soul, our Higher Self, we become much clearer as to what is truth for us at this time [though always being open to more learning and expanding our understanding of truth].

What we discard as truth at one particular time in our lives we may well see differently at another time.

Very often our ego discards what we hear because it brings up fear or is too different. Always be ready to think about why you are saying no to something. Writing about it in your journal can really clarify things for you.

An open mind is so important now because we are mostly so stuck in old ideas, old thinking, old ways, that no longer serve us. It’s just the pull of that comfort zone and dislike of change and difference.

An open mind and discernment and a strong relationship with your Higher Self will help you greatly to discern between ego’s dismissal and the knowing which results from your deepening connection with the inner guidance of your Higher Self.


You have a Choice



It’s hard to persuade people that there is another way of thinking, feeling, behaving other than the way most people think, feel and behave.  There are many who have never heard of another way and those who liked the idea but weren’t prepared to take it on and live it.  There are those who have tried but give up and those who see the light quite fast and begin to live them, to apply them and they see real healing and change in their lives and in themselves.

We don’t need to live in lack, in poverty, in wars, in sickness, in suffering, anymore.

When you look at life in terms of choice it becomes a lot clearer as to how there is another way.


You can get all anxious and worried about a situation or you can choose to remain calm, to pray and to trust. Yes, not easy, it takes practice but we can learn.

It’s a habit to get anxious and worry. What help is this to you? What are the effects of it on you? Why do you go with the habit of worry?  Journaling and thinking about these questions will really help you to get clearer about what you are doing and the negative effects of this pattern.

On the other hand, how will staying calm benefit you?

Remember, too, what researchers have found that when we are stressed we don’t think clearly.

You have a choice to go on suffering in this way or to change your experience by consistently practising to stay calm instead of worry. You can learn to replace the habit of worry and anxiety with the habit of calm and trust. This way you are choosing to think rather than allow your emotions to take you over, to respond rather than react and to take charge and focus on all that you want to create and attract into your life rather than what you don’t want.

Keep journaling about your experience to help you to get more and more awareness and be more prepared when the challenges come. This really makes a difference.


You can go the way of medication or choose to learn what your physical symptoms are trying to tell you.

Many feel powerless over their bodies.  If you wake with a headache or your stomach is nauseous, for example, you have a choice. Go the way of medication and feeling powerless, as if the headache or nausea is just bad luck, has come out of the blue, or take charge of your body and seek to understand what symptoms are telling you.  All physical symptoms are messages from your body that you are out of balance in some way. Think about this.

All physical symptoms are telling us something we need to listen to and learn from.  If you have an accident, break a bone, need an operation or ill in any way, while you go for medical attention you still need to think about why this lesson has come to you and what you are to learn from it.  Think about it, how it is affecting you and your life and in what way this experience is letting you know you are out of balance – and journal about it. Decide you will seek to understand the cause of these symptoms and what you need to change in your lifestyle.

Patrick Holford wrote about a doctor who set up a clinic in Norway dedicated to help people to deal with late-onset illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, so that they could avoid medication and take charge of their health. This was a few years ago but he was having great success.


Remember in every situation to think about the choice you have and the precious learning opportunity it is.


Love and Unity


Anytime fear tries to enter your mind, don’t try to fight it – this just gives it energy.  Quickly replace it by switching your attention to love, joy, peace, gratitude. Be patient. It takes practice.


Witness in the world how there is a growing understanding that the only way to solve our world issues is to work together in a spirit of love and unity. Seek out examples of this and share it.


Conversations that are fear-based increase our fear. Listening to the news and watching negative, violent scenes, keeps fear and separation alive. Make conscious choices.


So many are coming together to work together and speak out against separation, fear, greed, hatred and to believe in the power of working together for the greater good of all. See good.


So many are standing strongly for love and unity. The power of love grows as we seek to build it, attend to it and live it.