I work with people one-to-one and I facilitate groups in learning the healing art of journaling and other healing tools. I also run a “Book Club with a Difference – an opportunity to read books that inspire, encourage and stretch us and get us thinking about issues, ideas, changes we would love to make happen and such. I hold workshops, too, on various topics.

I am part of the group who are creating The Centre for Active Empowerment in Skibbereen, Co. Cork. We have many different courses planned and these are the ones I will facilitate from now until December 2013.

The Healing Art of Journaling

Journaling is an essential way of connecting with the inner you and it’s a key tool in understanding what is causing your main experiences of suffering and why you keep repeating certain difficult experiences.Through journaling you connect with your inner wisdom and guidance, with the soul of you.

Most of us resist journaling as one more thing to try to fit into a busy life and keep putting it off as a chore and something we are not sure how to do.
Here is your opportunity to work in a small, facilitated group with others, overcome your resistance and learn the healing art of journaling.

This course will be run continuously on Monday mornings from 10 – 11.30am except on holidays.

This course will also be run as a 0ne-day workshop for those who can’t make mornings.

Course facilitator: Gill Riordan 087 4197330

Book Club with a Difference

This is an opportunity to read books that inspire and encourage you to think about things.  Group discussion will be facilitated by Gill and people will have a chance to share in a relaxed, open and enjoyable atmosphere.

The book club will run on Wednesday mornings from 10 – 11.30am

Course facilitator: Gill Riordan 087 4197330

Creating a Vision Board

Vision boards help you put together a vision, using pictures and words, of what you would like to have, to manifest and/or to make happen in your life, such as a new career, a new home and so on. It’s like playing with your subconscious and with little effort ending up with a collage of your vision.

It’s about creating, playing, manifesting, believing, discovery.

This course will be run on one Friday each month, from 10 – 12 noon: 11th October. 8th November. 6th December. For 2014 dates please contact Gill or go to our facebook page.

Course facilitator: Gill Riordan 087 4197330

Saturday Workshops planned for 2014:

“Courageous Living” – what does it mean to live courageously in these times?  Enjoy gathering with others and hearing some new ideas.  Discover more about you and the meaning and richness of life.

“The Truth about Stress”.  Most people believe that stress is caused by life, relationships, having too much to do and not enough time and such – all things outside of oneself. In this workshop you will learn about the real causes of stress and how you can learn to manage stress rather than have it take you over.

“Living Abundantly”.  We have got so used to talking and thinking in terms of lack. We are hearing it spoken of from all directions, so much so, that we believe it is the truth. There is so much fear and helplessness around managing finances. During this day we will open up the idea of what it means to let go of lack thinking and choose abundance.

Contact Gill Riordan if you would like to know more.

Other possible Saturday workshops:

The Healing Art of Journaling.

Managing your Feelings and Emotions.

A Day of Reflection

3 Pillars of Psychological Health

The Way your Mind works

7 Steps to Creating and Enjoying Wholesome Relationships

Aging Gracefully

The Meaning of Life – exploring Spirituality and the inner life.

Life as a School – we are here to learn and grow.

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