Your Energy


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The programmes you watch on TV, the films you sit through, affect your energy. If they are inspiring, they lift your energy. If they are violent, abusive, they churn up your feelings. If you go to bed after violent programmes, your sleep is not restful and restorative.

Observe yourself and others after violent, abusive programmes. Become aware of the effects of these types of programmes. Think about why you look at them – really give time to thinking about this – and decide to consciously choose what you will look at and what you will not. Violent programmes increase fear/attack thoughts and emotions in you. We don’t need more fear, aggression, violence in our world.

Think about what helps you to feel peaceful and calm – really give time to thinking about this and writing about it in your journal. Choose to make more time for these in your life and make sure you do. Observe the difference it makes to you when you spend time in activities that increase peace and calm energy in you.

Becoming aware of energy is really important. You may feel low energy and think that you are tired. You tell yourself you are tired and your body responds with tiredness. Instead, take your journal and ask yourself why your energy is low. What has been going on for you – in your thoughts, in your feelings? Negative thoughts and feelings are a main cause of tiredness or low energy. They drain your energy.

Check out what you have been eating and drinking because all food and beverages have their effect. Some energise your body whilst others rob you of energy and stamina.

If you are waking up tired, with little energy for the day, you can change this. Look at your diet and eating habits generally and see what needs changing. Write about it. Then think about other causes of low energy on waking up. Have you a plan for the day, a structure? Is there something going on for you, something challenging you, that you are not attending to? Are you generally stressed and not feeling in charge of your life? Take your journal and ask your Higher self to help you to understand the cause of your low energy on waking up.

Life is a precious opportunity and you need to become more aware of what’s going on for you, what’s bothering you, what needs changing and adjusting rather than just go doggedly on, ignoring, avoiding and thinking the cause of your low energy is outside of yourself.



Loving One’s Self

Most people believe that the only way to have more love is to get it from other people.  This is not how it works.


The most important relationship in your life is your relationship to yourself – if you don’t love yourself then this affects all your relationships.


Most of us have grown up believing that love of self is wrong, selfish, self-centred, and the right thing is to be trying to love other people and to forget about self.


However, if you don’t learn to love yourself then your need for love becomes central and you keep looking for this outside of self and trying to fulfil this need.


Only when you learn to love yourself will you be truly able to receive the love of others and your whole experience of loving others will be very different too.



Do I want to be right or to choose love?


Do I want to get back at the other and remain stuck in negativity and repeating the same old lessons or to choose to change myself and learn from the lesson – and increase love?

“In a controversy, the instant we feel anger we have already ceased striving for the truth and have begun striving for ourselves.” Buddha

We are here to seek truth and to grow in love – unconditional love – the love that means I love you no matter what.

Life is a great journey, a precious one, and we can experience it so differently when we seek to serve the Higher self and not the lower self.


Being true to your Self



Being true to yourself is about listening to your inner guidance whilst also honouring and respecting others.

Many have believed that the way to discern what’s “right” in any given situation, is to check what other people think or what we have been taught to believe as if this understanding  comes from outside of us. Now, we certainly need to learn about life and inform ourselves but our sense of what’s right, or best – the sense of what is our best decision or choice at any given time – is something we know from inside.

Our lives are so busy and there is so much noise and little space to be still and to listen. As a result, many have no awareness of inner guidance. If we have a sense of what seems right for us, we tend to over look it, not trust it.  We look for advice rather than trust that inner knowing.

This is something that takes practice. We need to make space for it in our lives. Meditation is one way – sitting in stillness and focusing on your breath; connecting consciously with your Higher Self and asking for guidance generally or with a particular issue. As you hold this connection with your Higher self and your question, you will find understanding coming, solutions coming – maybe not immediately but they will come. You may not even be conscious of how you have been guided at first while you are new to this experience.

Journaling is another most important way of connecting with your Higher self and experiencing inner guidance. You need to ask your Higher Self to help you as you journal about an issue, a challenge, a lesson, something you want to understand better. Then write and, as you do, you will understand more. There is so much wisdom and guidance within you waiting for you to call on.

We build our inner wisdom essentially, by practising listening to inner guidance and by living what we learn, applying the wisdom we have learned.

Inner guidance is always positive and for our good, to help us to grow and improve. It is never negative or harming or giving us excuses not to do something that needs attending to. We always need to use our common sense too.

We are being guided all the time but now we need to become aware of it and work consciously with it so that we can find our way through life and live as a Soul and realise how much we have to contribute – each one of us.




When your buttons are pushed, when you are upset by something, the cause of the upset is within you. We need to keep reminding ourselves of this.

Yes, the other person may be acting inappropriately but they are the trigger of your reaction, your upset – not the cause.

The cause of your reaction is your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, interpretations. When we truly take this on we can really begin to see changes in our experience of life.

It is I who gives meaning to everything I see and experience.

When I get upset, it is because there is some faulty thinking in me that is coming up to the light to be cleared and healed.

I interpret what I experience and give it a particular meaning depending on the stories I tell myself, my past experiences, the attitudes and beliefs I hold.

I interpret what happens through the lens of my gender, my culture, my past, my understanding and so forth.

I might interpret the behaviour and words of another as rejecting me, criticising me or putting me down. This does not mean that this was the intention of the other.

I can transform any experience by choosing to see it through the eyes of my Soul – as teaching me exactly what I need to learn now, in this moment.



BlueSkyMBI once read that Thanksgiving is not just about giving thanks for the past year but for all that is coming in the year ahead.

Most of us generally live in a state of anxiety, ready for the worst, as if this keeps us in a state of readiness.

Buddha said “When you realise that everything is perfect, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”

When we are in a state of gratitude, we are held in a sense of all is well and this strengthens us, uplifts us and has us expecting good. This is just so different, isn’t it?

If we continue with the habit of anxiety, ready for flight or fight, we just continue with the same suffering and negative expectation –feeling powerless over what happens. This weakens us – we feel a victim of what happens.

When we choose to practise gratitude, we move out of anxiety and into a state of trust – trusting that we will be able for any challenges and that we will have all the resources we need to manage them and learn from them.

We begin to trust in the benevolence of life and lo and behold, we begin to experience the benevolence of life.



The sky MB

Gratitude is a truly amazing virtue to practise. We all have experienced how practising gratitude uplifts us, increases good feeling. Generally we practise gratitude for the things we are happy about. What would it be like to be grateful for everything that happens, for all the experiences we have – the ones that we would describe as good as well as those we would describe as bad?

The first step is to realise that everything is teaching us exactly what we need to learn now. Everything is a lesson, challenge, opportunity.  Why do we need these lessons? We need them to show us what needs clearing and healing in us; to bring us back on track – we get off track and caught in negativity, in fear and limitation; to help us to discover truth and discern what is illusion and false; to bring us back to the love we are longing for in our deepest selves.

So, for example, every physical symptom is teaching me something important – it’s telling me something I need to listen to. Our immediate reaction is to get rid of it. Instead we need to listen and learn from it what needs adjusting in my whole self – spiritually, psychologically and physically.

There is such a fear of cancer. We need to turn this around. So many people have grown so much and been so enriched through their experience of illness. It’s a journey. Look at what Bernadette Bohan did and how she turned her life around as a result of her experience with cancer. And there are so many who would say they found themselves and learned to live a much fuller and richer life as a result of illness challenges.

Physical health challenges are like any other challenge – they are teaching us exactly what we need to learn.

Cancer, generally, is telling us how we are creating this kind of energy through all the negativity and fear we put out and hold in our energy fields. We are all doing it – not just those who have this physical health challenge. So change our thoughts, change our emotions.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” Buddha

Don’t use this understanding to increase fear. Choose to learn and grow – to observe your thoughts and choose the thoughts you want to have and those you want to delete. When you get upset focus on what in you needs healing and clearing – not on what has happened. Focus always on changing you and your attitude. Choose gratitude and the attitude that all you are learning will bring you to the love that you long for.