The Power of Conscious Choice 2


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You have a choice –

To forgive yourself for mistakes you made and choose to learn from them,


You can choose to never forgive yourself and remain feeling unlovable, unworthy, bad.

The truth is we are to learn from our mistakes, love and forgive ourselves and focus on how we can use our mistakes to become a better person and be of service in our world. A mistake is an opportunity to learn. Einstein said “Learn from the past, design the future and live in the now.”

You are not the mud [the negative ego]. You are the diamond [the Soul]. Don’t be a victim of your mistakes. Learn from them to be a better person.

You have the choice to blame and complain and feel dissatisfied and miserable, powerless


You have the choice to see what it is the experience has to teach you. For example, say you are complaining about the Government. A writer, Wattles said you get the govt you deserve. If you are constantly criticising them, you weaken them – better to pray for them and to do whatever you can do to improve situations. We tend to expect the Government to do everything rather than to see what we can do to help issues. Eco Eye said how the media creating victim drama about the flooding for instance, put pressure on the Government to go for a quick solution rather than take time to think out best solutions and call on the help of people instead of thinking it’s all up to them. So they jumped in and decided to build big concrete structures in the towns, damaging rivers badly and harming wildlife in doing so. In Pilkington in the UK, they attract a lot of tourism to their beautiful little town so they got the advice of experts and invited them to talk to the community. Result: they chose great solutions to the issue of flooding which served nature and the town and people. They worked on slowing the river down upstream which involved, among other actions, planting more trees. People getting involved and communities working together can do so much.

You have the choice to continue behaving, reacting in the same way in a relationship, seeing the other as the cause of your upset


You can choose to realise that when your buttons are pushed and you react in a relationship, this is your stuff coming up to the light to be cleared. The other is the trigger of your reaction but not the cause. They are most likely coming from negative ego themselves and have lessons to learn in the issue between you, but you need to focus on you and what you need to learn and not on the other.  Journal to help you to understand why you react in this way.  Focus on changing you and not on trying to change the other. This is one of the most important ways to build a healthy relationship.

You can choose to remain in suffering, believing your suffering is outer imposed, caused by others or by situations,


To take responsibility for yourself and what you experience. Examine your thoughts and the negative expectations you are entertaining.

Making conscious choices does take effort and practice. The way of least resistance is to stay doing what you have always done, but this will always get you the same result – what you don’t want.





Living a more structured Life


We need to use our time here wisely and efficiently. We need to be consistently adding to life, taking initiative to grow and discover more, to deepen our understanding. Life is a precious opportunity.

Life is so full of distractions and noise and we seek them out as if we need them. This has just become an unquestioned habit. It’s great to ask yourself do I really need the radio on – the content may be interesting me but is this the best use of my time now? Noise and distractions rob us of the sense of space and time. When you’re tempted to turn on the TV and flop down in front of it, ask yourself is this really relaxing me. What else could I do with this time? Allow your mind to reflect on this.

We need time to be still, to be silent, to reflect.

Just think each of us has 168 hours to fill in the week.

What do we do with this? How do you use your time? What are the distractions in your life? What are the time wasters?

Journaling Exercise:

If you were to divide your day like a pie what gets attention and how much attention? What gets left out generally or almost completely?

What are the time wasters?

What changes would you like to make to this pie?

What do you want to include in the time available to you in each day, in the week?

To include something more you very often have to sacrifice something – what might this be for you?

What surprised you as you did this exercise?

Watch that victim feeling that might arise – a sense of not having any choice, the feeling that this is all too much. Don’t give into that.

Look at what you have written and ask your Higher Self and Spirit to enlighten you as to what will help you to have more order and structure and how you will fit in time to be quiet and still, meditate and journal and plan. Generate personal power and feel strong.

“He is able who thinks he is able.” Buddha