Some Thoughts about the Challenges Trump brings



There is a lot of fear and a sense of powerlessness around the Trump presidency and the rise of this kind of power in the world. Socrates said “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Separative, fear-based, negative, all about me and mine, thinking, is the old. Love, cooperation, working together for the greater good of all, is building the new.

Be very clear what you want to build in your life and in our world and take action to make this happen. What happens in our world depends on all of us doing our part to build the new and not give our power away to fear and powerlessness. As the saying goes – it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

We could get stuck in criticising Trump’s politics, giving out about him, blaming, complaining, making fun of.  This just leads to feeling powerless, helpless. We could get stuck in negative expectation and doom and gloom, holding a dismal image of the world. Is this the energy we want to increase?


The world is steeped in separative, fear-based thinking, me, mine, looking after self and one’s own. That’s why we have the rise of such politics in our world. It’s not just Trump. It’s like he is the expression of a pattern that we need to clear, heal and change in our world generally.

We need to take responsibility for how separative, fear-based thinking operates in our own consciousness. It takes honesty and commitment to do this work but when we do it and keep replacing separation and fear with unity and love, we effect change in ourselves and in our world.

Our focus needs to be to build unity and love within self and radiate this out into the world, to hold a clear image of the world we want to create together and to take all positive action we can in our world to support love and unity and to be the change we want to see in our world. This is very powerful and effective.

As said “Instead of dividing us, let’s make Trump a force to bring us together, to fight for everything we love.




The Lower Nature and Our Higher Nature


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We have a lower nature and a higher nature. The lower nature is the part of me that is self-centred – relating everything to myself.  It’s the part of me that is all concerned with what I like and don’t like; with what I want and don’t want; with whether I’m happy, at ease, feeling safe, feeling liked. It’s the part of me that blames and complains, judges and criticises, gets caught in superiority or inferiority, shame and guilt. All of these are the result of the false belief that I am a physical body, an ego, separate. The belief in separation causes the fear and self concern.

We have 3 bodies – the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body.  When the lower nature rules the physical body we might eat and drink whatever we like without any thought as to what is good for the body and how to look after it.

When the lower nature rules the emotional body we allow ourselves to be run by our emotions. We react to people and situations and experience constant inner and outer conflict. Fear seems so real.

When the lower nature rules the mental body we have constant negative, separative, fear-based thoughts.

When the lower nature is ruling we very often feel powerless, a victim, tossed around by the storms of life. We are rudderless, without clear direction.

Our work is to master our 3 bodies – to understand that we need to take charge of our bodies rather than allow them to run us. Our higher nature expresses the qualities and aspirations of our Soul.

Some months ago I had a very clear experience of this choice between the higher and lower nature. There was a misunderstanding and as I walked downstairs to get something, I thought to myself, oh Gill, lesson, challenge, opportunity and I smiled. I could see so clearly my choice to react back and aim to be top dog or to choose love. I thought to myself, why would I want to make another person feel small. It’s not to say there wasn’t negativity in the behaviour of the other person but if I want to build my higher nature and stop being run by my lower nature then I need to sacrifice my lower nature.  I need to higher the frequencies of my bodies by seeking to learn and grow and improve, by practising the qualities and powers of my Soul.


What is the Purpose of Life?



More and more I see this as being a deeply important question for us to ask and to talk about together. Everyone needs a sense of purpose, to have a purpose in life.

Without purpose, you are rudderless, unclear about your direction – simply latching onto whatever comes by.  You get more and more stuck in the material world – filling up time with busy-ness, with having to have something to look forward to, with distractions.

You’re busy just getting through life.

Look at what happens when we get sick. We’ll do anything to hold onto life. Why? This is an important question. Why do I want to live longer, extend my life? What is it I want to do with my life?

Einstein said I don’t want my life artificially prolonged. He was content to make his transition and move on to the next part of his journey when that time came. He wasn’t holding on to life for the sake of it. He believed his work for this life was completed. This takes courage. We need to talk about these matters.

So people fill their lives. Alcohol helps to fill the void, drugs too. They are ways to keep up the illusion. It’s part of the numbing out.

TV, too, and screens generally – they fill up space nicely – otherwise what? Yet we need to realise that the violent, sexual and dramatic programmes and films we look at, disturb our minds, emotions and physical bodies.

It’s time to wake up and choose what you want your life to be about – this will make a whole big difference to how you live and where you put your energy.

You are here for a purpose. Each of us has a part to play in our world and each part is very important. Just think, when you choose to not entertain negative thoughts and instead fill your mind and heart with love, you feel so much better [filled with the energy of love instead of negativity] and you send the energy of love out into the world, into mass consciousness, instead of the negativity. The more each one of us practises this, the more we fill mass consciousness with Soul energy and transform the sea of negative energy.

Life is a Spiritual path and the purpose of life is to live in Soul consciousness.


Creating What We Truly Want


It is time to stop thinking of ourselves as powerless in the face of life events.  This is giving our power away.
We need to claim that mighty power within us and use it. It’s time to change our experience and take action on what we want to see changed in our world.
We will only do this when we are prepared to change the words we use and the thoughts we think and come together to find solutions and take positive action. We must take responsibility rather than try to find someone to lay the blame on.
We are all in this together. If we continue the kind of thinking we have indulged in for a long, long time, we will simply continue to have the same experiences – lack, poverty, sickness, war, powerlessness.
Why would we choose to go on living in the same old way.
Change depends on each one of us.
Every time, you choose love instead of fear, you effect yourself and the whole of consciousness in a very positive way.
You have the power to stop the negative self talk and choose to learn to speak positively and encouragingly to yourself.  You can learn to be a love finder rather than a fault finder. This is a powerful energy to put out into the world and will change your experience.
You have the power to stop those negative stories you tell yourself over and over such as I am not supported, I am not good enough, I don’t deserve that, no one helps me, I am lonely, I am too old to change, life is hard, life isn’t fair and so on. Put a stop to these and tell yourself a different story – get creative and know you can do this and enjoy it.
When we fill our minds with thoughts of how we want things to be [as opposed to decrying how things are] we are beginning the creation of that dream.  Dreams such as – health and prosperity for all, the end of competition and war and instead, people cooperating and helping one another out [everyone matters not just your nearest and dearest], ideas-sharing and solutions focus and positive action in all communities, a system of education which truly prepares our young people to develop character and to live fully and purposefully, businesses concerned with the good of all and not based on profit for the few, a unified government committed to growth and the greater good of all, hospitals devoted to healing the whole person on all levels, prisons truly devoted to rehabilitation and giving everyone the best chance, living sustainably and in harmony with the earth.
Let’s choose our thoughts and words with care, dream our dreams and take positive action together to bring them into creation.

Photo thanks to Maggie Boate