The Power of our Thoughts, Expectations and Words

There is a teaching many of us have heard, “Whoever prays believing, shall receive.” How many of us truly believe that what we ask for we shall receive?


We are holding thoughts, expectations, beliefs, all the time but in an unconscious way and for the most part what we send out, expect, focus on, is negative and what we don’t want – and we get it because this is what we are “asking” for, believing in.


“Life is like an echo. The call we send out returns to us… we should only speak that which we desire to see made manifest in our lives.”  I Am University


Our thoughts, our expectations, our words, are powerful and they create. They create our reality. We need to use this power consciously and be very clear about what we want to attract and create in our life.


We have so much faith in what we fear. Why not put our faith, instead, into what we pray for and desire, practise gratitude for all we have and expect good.




Positive Living


Positive living means seeing the good, focusing on the good, expecting good. This is a big shift for us because the general habit is a negative focus and negative expectation.  All you have to do is listen to some conversations and to the news and you get the picture. A lot of negative focus.

When you are starting your day, instead of getting caught up into tension and struggle, smile broadly and say to yourself “I bless this day and give thanks for it.  I am looking forward to the day and all the gifts and opportunities to grow that it has in store for me.”  You have set an attitude of gratitude and positive expectation for the day and this is powerful.
As challenges come up, you remind yourself that these are opportunities to learn and grow – not problems, bad and something to struggle against. We do need to keep reminding ourselves of this.
It takes practice to keep our minds and hearts focused on positive expectation, expecting good and this practice uplifts and encourages us and we see and experience more and more good.
This does not mean that we ignore what does need changing.
The Government can be a focus of criticism and negative expectation. Many decry the Government and constantly give out about them, express little or no faith in them and think of them only as corrupt.
When we are critical and have negative thoughts and conversations like these, we send out negative energies and these affect the receiver as well as the sender.
It is very different to bless those in Government and be grateful for the Government we do have and the general order this brings to our society. We can also hold that we desire improvements and focus on how we would desire it to be.  This is powerful – it puts out an energy of positive expectation and we are strengthening the vision of the greater good.
Rather than focus on what you don’t have, bless what you do have, think and write about what you want and visualise it.  Put images of what you want to attract into your life in a scrapbook or up on your fridge. Live as if you have these. These are the energies that attract to you what you want and desire.
When you are challenged financially, see it as a challenge and opportunity.  Bless what you have – the money you have, the work you have, where you live – and focus on what you want. Live in trust and faith that when you want to increase the good in your life and you keep your faith in this, you will receive it.
Faith is not about believing in what you were told was truth by outside persons – “Faith means we are confident of what we hope for, convinced of what we do not see.” Moffat.