Moving into Soul Consciousness Part 1



We are now to become Soul conscious beings. This is our evolutionary goal at this time. We are to learn to think, feel, behave and speak as Soul conscious beings.

Having a sense of purpose is essential. It helps us to have a sense of direction. It brings focus and clarity to one’s life and helps us to give up that tendency to be all over the place, for our energies to be going in all directions. You can now choose to see your purpose as being to realise that you are a Soul and to learn to live in Soul consciousness.

We have believed that we are physical bodies and egos and lived as if separate from the Divine and unaware of the Soul. Ego, physical body consciousness, is about fear, separation, loneliness, threat, anxiety. Soul consciousness is about love and oneness, peace, joy and gratitude, abundance, willpower, order and rhythm, all is well.

Whenever there is fear, you are caught in separation. Fear is so prevalent in the world now. The more we focus on it, the more we experience it. We think this is normal – that this is reality and there’s no seeing it any other way.

Fear is so real because of our belief in separation. We can now learn to rid ourselves of this belief and replace it with belief in love and oneness. It takes learning, expanding our understanding, practice, patience and never giving up. The more you practise it, the more you will experience it. The more you focus on it, the more your experience of it will increase.

Often the strength of your lower self and, old faulty thinking of the negative ego, will pull you off and you will need to use your mind and your willpower to pull your attention back to your Soul and love, joy, gratitude, peace, abundance, willpower, wholeness, trust, oneness. This is how we do it – constantly picking ourselves up after a fall and keeping on keeping on, nurtured by the increased love, joy, peace and gratitude we experience.



What you focus on



When you focus on a habit in another which irritates you, you give this energy and you see more and more of it.

When instead you make an effort to focus on what you appreciate in another person and focus on your love for them or wishing the very best for them, you see increase in this – increase of love and appreciation and good feeling, and increase in whatever quality in them you have chosen to focus on.

When you focus on setbacks, sickness, symptoms, things you fear, you give these energy and you see more and more of them.

If you keep thinking about what has upset you, going over and over it in your mind, your upset gets stronger. When you focus on your wounds from the past, you keep them alive, you keep experiencing them.

What you focus on increases.  Where you put your attention you are giving energy to.

Say you are waiting for someone and you feel impatient. The more you focus on the waiting the more impatient you get. If instead you decide to use the time to relax yourself, connect with yourself and your choice to relax, you feel very different.

When we have pain and we focus on it, it increases. I once read about a woman who had a pain in one part of her body and she was experiencing this as very difficult. Then she developed a pain in another part of her body and realised a few days later that she was no longer feeling the original pain even though it was still there. Fear makes pain stronger and difficult to manage and it makes us feel powerless. Pain is telling us something. We need to listen and understand.

Focus on something you’re worried about and it gets stronger. Anxiety builds as we give it attention and with it, a sense of powerlessness.  We can choose instead to stop the worry, the anxiety and use our minds to think differently and stop giving our power away to anxiety. Worry is negative affirmation and we don’t want to give this energy.

What you focus on, increases. What you focus on and give attention to, you intensify and strengthen. Energy follows thought and thoughts are powerful. They create.

The Lower Nature and Our Higher Nature


Copy of sun-150x150

We have a lower nature and a higher nature. The lower nature is the part of me that is self-centred – relating everything to myself.  It’s the part of me that is all concerned with what I like and don’t like; with what I want and don’t want; with whether I’m happy, at ease, feeling safe, feeling liked. It’s the part of me that blames and complains, judges and criticises, gets caught in superiority or inferiority, shame and guilt. All of these are the result of the false belief that I am a physical body, an ego, separate. The belief in separation causes the fear and self concern.

We have 3 bodies – the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body.  When the lower nature rules the physical body we might eat and drink whatever we like without any thought as to what is good for the body and how to look after it.

When the lower nature rules the emotional body we allow ourselves to be run by our emotions. We react to people and situations and experience constant inner and outer conflict. Fear seems so real.

When the lower nature rules the mental body we have constant negative, separative, fear-based thoughts.

When the lower nature is ruling we very often feel powerless, a victim, tossed around by the storms of life. We are rudderless, without clear direction.

Our work is to master our 3 bodies – to understand that we need to take charge of our bodies rather than allow them to run us. Our higher nature expresses the qualities and aspirations of our Soul.

Some months ago I had a very clear experience of this choice between the higher and lower nature. There was a misunderstanding and as I walked downstairs to get something, I thought to myself, oh Gill, lesson, challenge, opportunity and I smiled. I could see so clearly my choice to react back and aim to be top dog or to choose love. I thought to myself, why would I want to make another person feel small. It’s not to say there wasn’t negativity in the behaviour of the other person but if I want to build my higher nature and stop being run by my lower nature then I need to sacrifice my lower nature.  I need to higher the frequencies of my bodies by seeking to learn and grow and improve, by practising the qualities and powers of my Soul.


What is the Purpose of Life?



More and more I see this as being a deeply important question for us to ask and to talk about together. Everyone needs a sense of purpose, to have a purpose in life.

Without purpose, you are rudderless, unclear about your direction – simply latching onto whatever comes by.  You get more and more stuck in the material world – filling up time with busy-ness, with having to have something to look forward to, with distractions.

You’re busy just getting through life.

Look at what happens when we get sick. We’ll do anything to hold onto life. Why? This is an important question. Why do I want to live longer, extend my life? What is it I want to do with my life?

Einstein said I don’t want my life artificially prolonged. He was content to make his transition and move on to the next part of his journey when that time came. He wasn’t holding on to life for the sake of it. He believed his work for this life was completed. This takes courage. We need to talk about these matters.

So people fill their lives. Alcohol helps to fill the void, drugs too. They are ways to keep up the illusion. It’s part of the numbing out.

TV, too, and screens generally – they fill up space nicely – otherwise what? Yet we need to realise that the violent, sexual and dramatic programmes and films we look at, disturb our minds, emotions and physical bodies.

It’s time to wake up and choose what you want your life to be about – this will make a whole big difference to how you live and where you put your energy.

You are here for a purpose. Each of us has a part to play in our world and each part is very important. Just think, when you choose to not entertain negative thoughts and instead fill your mind and heart with love, you feel so much better [filled with the energy of love instead of negativity] and you send the energy of love out into the world, into mass consciousness, instead of the negativity. The more each one of us practises this, the more we fill mass consciousness with Soul energy and transform the sea of negative energy.

Life is a Spiritual path and the purpose of life is to live in Soul consciousness.




Make a decision to live your life with purpose.  Purpose gives meaning, clarity and direction to your life.  You are clear about what life is about and what you want to direct your energies towards.

It’s so easy to get caught in the busy-ness of life and to have your energies going in all sorts of directions.

How do you get clear about your purpose?

It’s good to ask questions like what is life about?  What do I want to do with my life?  What do I see out there in the world that needs changing? What can I do to make a difference in our world?

There’s a lot of giving out and railing against things.  This keeps us feeling angry and powerless. And the more we do this the more negative energy we create within us and around us.  And nothing gets better.

When, instead we look at a problem and think about solutions to this we expand our consciousness – we discover potential and resources we were not even aware of.  In taking this attitude to problems we experience an increase in energy and in our power to solve.

Think about your gifts, about what you are good at and about what you love to do.  This takes time – most people aren’t aware of these because they don’t tend to think in terms of their giftedness and what they are good at.

This ground work is essential and until you do it you won’t have a clear idea of your purpose. You need to make time in your life for this and to come back to it a number of times to help you get clear.  You need to stop that negative voice in yourself that might get in your way, saying things like you don’t know or that this is too much work or you don’t have the time.  Don’t give your power away to that voice.

Approach all of this with excitement and enthusiasm – you are finding your way, on a path of discovery, opening up to more and more of who you are and what life is about.

Our world needs you and the part you are to play.

The Cause of Suffering  


This is an interesting one to think about. Most people believe that the cause of their suffering is outside of themselves.  The truth is that it is our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that cause our suffering.

Yes hard and challenging things do happen to us but the suffering comes from how we respond or react.
Life is a tough school, there is no doubt about that, but we can choose to learn from what happens.  When we don’t learn, we just end up repeating the same suffering over and over.
You learn from experiences when you accept that everything is a challenge and opportunity to grow and not a bummer, bad, wrong.
When we see things as problems we give them a negative charge and make them much harder.
When we struggle against what is happening we increase the pain in it.
Feelings take over.

It is a very different experience when we accept that everything is teaching us something that we need to learn.
The key is to accept what has happened and take a little space from it.  Then think about it and write about it in terms of challenge and opportunity.  Part of your mind will want to ridicule this idea but persist and stay with it. Think about why this is challenging for you.  What is it you fear?  What is it you want and what do you not want? Focus and get very clear.
Your feelings will want to get rattled but use your mind to keep clear and keep learning.  Your mind is your most powerful tool.  Feelings connect us and we need to listen to them but not to let them take over and be run by them.  This is what happens for so many people and in so many situations.
When you see it as teaching you something you need to learn, then you can choose how to respond and you can think in terms of solutions and discovery.
Lessons and challenges teach us all kinds of things such as patience, unconditional love, forgiveness, personal power, non attachment, to stay centred, to choose love instead of fear, courage.
However, first and foremost, lessons are teaching us to realise that we are Divine and not just physical bodies and personalities going through life and making do.  Life is a Spiritual path.
Photo thanks to John Rossiter

What you do with your Personal Power

We have a fear of our power, of being strong, of being seen to be powerful, of standing out, and of the destructive aspect of power. Journal about your fears.

The key is to always balance your power with love and wisdom and to always choose to use your power for good. 

There are so many ways in which we give our power away – to the media, to the ads, to our physical bodies, to other people, to the inner child, to our feelings.

Become aware of the situations in which you tend to give your power away and of the situations  where you claim and use your personal power balanced with love and wisdom.

Personal power is not about aggression, anger, dominating, controlling or being pushy.  It’s about conscious choice, clarity, direction, discipline, courage, motivation, determination, focus, decisiveness.