Spiritual Growth


Spiritual growth involves growth on 3 levels – the physical/earthly level, the psychological/consciousness level and the Spiritual level.

The Physical/Earthly Level:

It is important to take charge of your physical body and to love and care for it, appreciate it for how well it serves you and do your part to keep it strong and healthy. Making conscious choices as to what you will and will not eat, planning nutritious meals, drinking plenty of good fresh water, overcoming addictions rather than letting them run you, getting regular fresh air and exercise, consciously breathing the air and enjoying the goodness of it in your body.

Be aware of your energy and when it is low or good. Think about what has decreased your energy and what helps you to maintain a good energy level and to feel full of vitality. If you wake with a headache, don’t reach for the pill to kill the symptom, think and write in your journal about what might have caused the headache. Every effect has a cause and every cause has an effect. What did you eat or drink the night before? Was your bedroom lacking air? Are you dehydrated? Did you go to bed with something upsetting on your mind or too much worrying over something? Were you tense, stressed going to bed and if so, why? If you don’t sleep well, think about why and try out different ideas – such as no stimulants after 5pm, cutting down on stimulants generally – and sugar is a major stimulant as well as coffee and tea. Are you using screens late at night, too close to bedtime? Are you relaxed before bed? Are you going to bed too late? A good night-time routine is important.

If you are constantly saying I’m tired or exhausted, your body will respond with tiredness and exhaustion. Balance being and doing, making time to relax as well as work and completing tasks. Then if you feel tired think about why, what is causing this. The biggest cause of tiredness and drain of energy is negative thinking and feeling, negative expectations and focus.

Listen to the messages your body is giving you – don’t put your focus on getting rid of the symptoms. Every symptom is letting you know that you are out of balance in some way and this might be at the physical level or the psychological or the Spiritual level. Every symptom is calling you to learn and grow, calling you to more awareness. A symptom is telling you there’s something you need to pay attention to. Take responsibility for your body and seek to listen to it and to always deepen your understanding.