Beginning your day        



Most of the time people get out of bed in a semi conscious way, just getting on with things and a lot of the time this kind of semi consciousness can operate through the day.

You know when you have that “bad day” feeling – things just aren’t going your way. You think to yourself “it’s just one of those days”. You don’t think about why you got off to a tough start and how to change this. You just feel it’s one of those days.

The great thing is that if you think about why the first thing in the day went awry and, even better, write about it, you will see what caused it. The cause is essentially within oneself – an attitude, thought, interpretation, reaction.

Often a day can get off to a bad start because you have woken up feeling tired or not in good form.

What people generally do when they wake up tired or in bad form is they react more to what happens, they get impatient, angry, they drop something or break it, they get stressed and so the day progresses. One reaction can lead to another – like it’s all just happening to you.

What really helps, and can make such a difference in your life, is to spend some time before you get out of bed, attuning – to yourself and to Spirit. Set your alarm to go off giving you 10 to 15 minutes to prepare yourself for the day. Think about the day ahead and how you want to live in love, in joy, in gratitude, owning your personal power and taking positive action. Ask your Higher Self and Spirit to help you throughout your day. You are not alone but you do need to ask for help.

Then when you get out of bed and are getting yourself ready, make some time to drink fresh water and to plan your day, your time.

Now journal and ask yourself why am I feeling tired, headachy or in bad form. What might I have eaten or drunk the night before? Did I have a dream that I need to write down? Is there some emotion that has taken me over? Is there some challenge I’m not focusing in on and managing? Is there something I’m putting off, something I’m ignoring?

Yes it does mean making time for these and most likely getting up earlier, but the reward is worth every effort. You are in touch with yourself and with Spirit as you start your day. You are attuned. Try it. Each day is a new beginning. Don’t allow life to just happen – take charge.




 Cause and Effect



Every cause has an effect. Every effect has a cause. We need to think about things more and think in terms of cause and effect.

You might wake up with a headache and your immediate action is to go for a painkiller to get rid of it. There is no thought given to the cause of this headache – that the headache is an effect, the result of something. So instead of going for the painkiller, you could put a few drops of peppermint oil in your palm and rub your hands together and inhale. This will help and then sit with your journal and think and write about what caused your headache. Start at the physical level. Are you drinking enough fresh water? Are you getting enough exercise and fresh air? Did you eat too late? Is there enough fresh air circulating in your bedroom at night? Do you leave mobiles, computers and TVs outside of your bedroom? Did you have too much screen time the day before? Think what might have caused your headache at the physical level.

Then move onto the psychological level. Did you go to bed in an emotional state, with some issue unresolved? Were you watching violent or dramatic programmes before sleep?  Is there something about today on your mind? Are you stressed, tense about something? Think about why you have this headache and then you can really look after it and learn from it and make the adjustments you need to make so that you don’t need to keep having headaches.

You may notice that you are feeling moody or in a low mood. Ask yourself why, what has caused this and write about it in your journal. Ask your Higher Self to help you to understand the cause of your feelings. This way you don’t need to be a victim of your emotions.

If you have a reaction to something or someone, if something upsets you, ask why, what is causing this upset and write about it. And remember that the cause of your upset is coming from your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and interpretations. The other person or situation is the trigger but not the cause.

Start to think more in terms of cause and effect and see what you learn from this and how it helps your understanding and taking charge of yourself and what you experience

The Stories we live

It is really enlightening to become aware of stories you are living and expecting.

These stories you tell yourself, and live out of, colour how you interpret and experience everything.

Take some time each day to observe yourself and your reactions.

Get to know what upsets you and link this back to your attitudes, interpretations and expectations.

When we become fully conscious of our attitudes and interpretations, then we can change these and stop having these experiences.



Stories you tell yourself

You  may feel that you are overlooked in life or that you are unappreciated, or unsupported – this is the story you tell yourself.

This may have been an experience you had in childhood and now it continues because this is what you expect.

You expect to be overlooked, or unappreciated, or unsupported and this is what you see, how you interpret what you experience.

If you have experienced being left out as a child, then you will likely interpret situations through this experience and see it where others wouldn’t.

The key to healing these wounds is to realise that you continue this suffering because you overlook or don’t appreciate yourself – you leave yourself out.


Everything Matters


So everything matters.  Everything is about your Spiritual path.  When you choose to see life as a Spiritual path, you see how everything is teaching you something you need to learn.

Even when we take this on – that everything is teaching us something we need to learn – it is still our habit to focus on what the other has done or said. We get all taken up with not liking what they have said or done.  We want to “set them right”.

This is a difficult pattern to change – it takes a lot of determination and keeping on keeping on.

Why is this pattern so difficult to change?

Mainly because it is very hard for us to let go of our belief that the other person is in the wrong and I have to let them know.  That person has “made” me feel inferior and I am sure going to get back to top dog again.

However, while the other person may have behaved inappropriately, it is very important to realise that  the upset feelings are yours, coming from your beliefs, attitudes and interpretations.

The other person’s words or behaviour triggered this upset in you but didn’t cause it.

Why is this change so important to make – why not just go on in the old pattern?

First of all, the ego keeps us stuck in that inferiority/superiority pattern as if staying top dog is the only way for us to have self-worth.  This is a false belief.  Self worth is built through self love and is something we all need to learn and practise and keep practising.

Secondly, so long as we are trying to change the other person, nothing changes.  We keep up the same old painful patterns and experiences.  We are disempowered.

When instead we focus on ourselves and what the person or situation is teaching us – we are taking charge and we are empowered.

When you are upset, think about what happened and how you reacted.  Think about why this person or situation triggered upset in you.

Now you are taking responsibility for your own reactions, feelings, attitudes.  This takes courage and honesty and the reward is learning, growth and increased understanding of yourself.  Now you are listening to yourself, understanding yourself more and allowing the possibility of healing.

We are very steeped in emotion and feelings and even our thinking is quite emotional.  We need to use the mind more and this will bring us clarity, understanding and choice.

Everything is teaching us something we need to learn

It is not other people or situations that cause your upset – it is your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and interpretations.

Even though the other person may have acted inappropriately, your upset is caused by your own interpretations and beliefs.

When you are honest with yourself and are willing to look at what in you has caused the upset, then you can heal and make changes.

Our habit is to see the other person or the situation as the problem and so we don’t see the lesson that is there for us.

Lessons keep being repeated until we realise that the experience is teaching us something that we need to learn. This is a really important understanding.





The Power of our Attitudes

We have learned to believe that the fault is out there, the cause of my suffering is outside of myself. 

What really causes our suffering is the attitudes we have, the old beliefs and thought patterns, the stories we tell ourselves, the interpretations we put on things.

Proof of this is found in how people have changed around very difficult life experiences through a change of attitude.

When we understand that our own attitudes are the cause of our suffering, then we begin to realise the power in us to change our experience.

We are no longer the victims of circumstances but the potential masters of our future.