The Universal Laws



The Laws of the Universe are there to help us to learn our way back to love and truth. So when we are off track, out of balance, stuck in some faulty thinking, belief, interpretation, attitude, we have lessons and challenges. These are not a punishment, bad, wrong for us. They are exactly what we need to show us what needs healing and clearing so that we can progress along our spiritual path. If we don’t heed these lessons and seek to understand what they are teaching us, they come back again and again until we do heed them, listen to them and seek to learn what they are teaching us. Each one of us, if we think about it, can see lessons, hard experiences that have been repeated over and over in our lives.

So we learn in the school of hard knocks until we take responsibility for ourselves and the suffering we experience and seek to understand what it means, what it is teaching us. We take leadership over our energies and stop giving our power away to the victim and powerlessness and blame.

To help us with this we need to work with the Universal Laws.

We all recognise some of the physical laws such as the law of gravity but most have never thought about the laws at the psychological level even though we are familiar with a lot of them.

Some of these are –

What you hold in the mind, you create, make happen, what you expect, you bring toward you.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought”. Buddha

Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause.

What you sow, you reap. What you give out, you get back.

What you focus on increases. What you give attention to grows.

If you are feeling low its telling you something.  If you sit with your journal and listen using questions such as –

Why am I feeling low?

What do I think is causing this? Ask your Higher Self and Spirit to help you to understand.

Try to trace the feeling back to thoughts you have been entertaining.

If you persevere, you will understand what’s going on for you and what you need to do to clear and heal this experience.

It’s wonderful to make the effort to do this work and take charge of your energies rather than letting them run you. Now you are in charge and you have the power to make different choices and to change your experience.


You have a Choice



It’s hard to persuade people that there is another way of thinking, feeling, behaving other than the way most people think, feel and behave.  There are many who have never heard of another way and those who liked the idea but weren’t prepared to take it on and live it.  There are those who have tried but give up and those who see the light quite fast and begin to live them, to apply them and they see real healing and change in their lives and in themselves.

We don’t need to live in lack, in poverty, in wars, in sickness, in suffering, anymore.

When you look at life in terms of choice it becomes a lot clearer as to how there is another way.


You can get all anxious and worried about a situation or you can choose to remain calm, to pray and to trust. Yes, not easy, it takes practice but we can learn.

It’s a habit to get anxious and worry. What help is this to you? What are the effects of it on you? Why do you go with the habit of worry?  Journaling and thinking about these questions will really help you to get clearer about what you are doing and the negative effects of this pattern.

On the other hand, how will staying calm benefit you?

Remember, too, what researchers have found that when we are stressed we don’t think clearly.

You have a choice to go on suffering in this way or to change your experience by consistently practising to stay calm instead of worry. You can learn to replace the habit of worry and anxiety with the habit of calm and trust. This way you are choosing to think rather than allow your emotions to take you over, to respond rather than react and to take charge and focus on all that you want to create and attract into your life rather than what you don’t want.

Keep journaling about your experience to help you to get more and more awareness and be more prepared when the challenges come. This really makes a difference.


You can go the way of medication or choose to learn what your physical symptoms are trying to tell you.

Many feel powerless over their bodies.  If you wake with a headache or your stomach is nauseous, for example, you have a choice. Go the way of medication and feeling powerless, as if the headache or nausea is just bad luck, has come out of the blue, or take charge of your body and seek to understand what symptoms are telling you.  All physical symptoms are messages from your body that you are out of balance in some way. Think about this.

All physical symptoms are telling us something we need to listen to and learn from.  If you have an accident, break a bone, need an operation or ill in any way, while you go for medical attention you still need to think about why this lesson has come to you and what you are to learn from it.  Think about it, how it is affecting you and your life and in what way this experience is letting you know you are out of balance – and journal about it. Decide you will seek to understand the cause of these symptoms and what you need to change in your lifestyle.

Patrick Holford wrote about a doctor who set up a clinic in Norway dedicated to help people to deal with late-onset illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, so that they could avoid medication and take charge of their health. This was a few years ago but he was having great success.


Remember in every situation to think about the choice you have and the precious learning opportunity it is.


Love and Unity



There is a battle raging in our world and within ourselves –separation, fear, conflict versus unity, love, harmony. What’s happening in our world is really out-picturing what is happening within ourselves. The more we work to transmute inner conflict into harmony, peace and love, the more we will radiate these energies out into the world.

Every time you are pulled out of peace, you are experiencing conflict and part of our work in managing our energies is to transmute the conflict into harmony. Most of us live, most of the time, in a state of disharmony or conflict and mostly we are not aware of this.

There is a tendency to feel defeated, depressed by the conflict in the world – powerless to change this. However, the one person you can change is yourself and if you choose to take on the work of transmuting all inner and outer conflict in your life into harmony, peace and love – you can make a difference in our world.

Often if you are caught in inner conflict, it is mirrored in your outer life. Decide that you are going to observe yourself and to become aware of the times you are experiencing inner conflict or disharmony.  Make sure to journal about these experiences so that you understand the cause of your inner conflict. You may believe the cause is outside of you, but the cause is within you. Don’t try to work this out in your head as this just keeps it in the mental loop, at a mental level. You need to write it down, to see it physically, so that you can get clear and understand better. You might need to journal a few times on similar issues before you get more clarity and understanding. You will need patience and persistence.

When you observe yourself out of peace and experiencing conflict, ask yourself what’s upsetting you and use your journal to help you to get clear. Become aware of the power in you to transmute this experience of conflict into harmony. An example might be, you become aware that you are sitting tensely, anxious, and you choose to focus on peace or harmony and to relax your body. Try it.

Or you become aware that you are experiencing inner conflict and, when you journal about it, you realise that you are worrying about something, anticipating trouble or a negative outcome in a situation.  So you tell yourself that worry is of no use and that you need to focus on positive expectation, to focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want.  As you use your mind and don’t allow your feelings to run you, you transmute your experience of conflict into harmony and peace. Repeat the words harmony, peace a few times and feel the energy of these in your being and how good this is.



“If you strive to live in love, to think love, feel love, give love, share love, focus on love, dwell in love all day and all night long, you literally charge your aura with the fire, electricity and substance of love.” I Am University






We now talk of depression as an illness and the most usual solution is medication. Depression has become such a blanket term. It’s a label that is not at all helpful to us, I think.

I have heard some doctors prescribe daily walks and time in Nature and that has been of great help to many who were fortunate enough to be given such a prescription.

Many see themselves as likely to suffer depression because one of their parents did. I think this is just a learned response to stress or some unresolved issues. Some tell themselves the story that depression runs in families. No, just patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour.

We need to look at the cause of depression – not just try to treat the symptom. Depression is an experience of defeat, of feeling something is too big, too overwhelming to deal with. It can be the result of long term unresolved negative thoughts and feelings. It can be caused by hurt and anger issues that have been internalised. Perhaps a stressful situation has been experienced for a long time or a person does not know how to talk about what’s bothering them or who to talk to – it may seem too awful to share or the idea of talking is too frightening.

Depression can also be the result of being cut off spiritually, having no connection with your Soul and with the purpose and meaning of life.

Alcohol, drugs and junk food can be causes of depression too.

People who describe themselves as depressed need to have the experience of expressing their issues in a safe situation with someone they can trust, and, through this, discover how they can heal and learn to feel good about themselves and life – and change their experience.

Depression is not an illness. It’s a response to a stressful situation. In some situations a person may need short term medication because they are not responding to the opportunity to talk about what’s bothering them.  This will not address the cause of the experience of feeling depressed but it will hopefully bring the person to the point where they can deal with the cause of their stress in a safe situation.

When you feel low ask yourself why. Listen and write in your journal. Think about why you are feeling depressed or low in energy.  Don’t just go for the quick fix and cover up the cause. Depression is an effect – look for the cause and learn and heal and grow. Take back your power to be healthy, strong and full of vitality.


The sky MB

We are so much out there outside of ourselves feeling liked or not liked, loved or not loved, admired or not – buffeted around by life.

So long as we think of ourselves as a physical body and an ego, we feel separate and under threat, in fight or flight mode. We need to remember who we truly are – Spirit, a soul on an important journey. When I am thinking this way, I take on my life, I take charge.

When you are in a social situation you may find that you are trying to work out what’s expected of you, how to fit in, how to be interesting – trying to feel ok, safe. It’s so different to centre yourself, to come back into yourself, to become aware of the Soul within, of Spirit and to become aware of the love, power and wisdom within. It’s so different to centre in your heart and seek to be true to yourself and to focus on connection rather than separation. It’s so different to be still [just to have a sense of this even in a social situation] and centred in your heart, seeking the best for all.

I use my journal to affirm that this is how I want to be – this is how I want to think. I write about how I want to choose love and transcend fear and to truly understand how we are all connected. I know that the more I focus my mind and heart this way, the more that is what I experience – love and connection.

When I find myself pulled to judge another, I say to myself I don’t want to judge anyone.  Why would I want this? It’s just an old, ingrained negative habit.  I affirm to myself that I want the best for others as well as myself.  I care and I wish no harm to anyone – only good.

The Starting Point

The starting point, the beginning of living fully and deeply, is truly, to attune to the Spirit within you and to realise that you are Divine. This is what connects you, directs you and gives meaning to your learning and growing.
So much of the time people are living outside of themselves – so much of the time, even when we take on the spiritual path, we live outside of ourselves.  We need to constantly attune and bring ourselves back to the centre, to the heart and soul of ourselves.
This cut off from the Divine, from Spirit, from the soul leads to so much suffering, isolation, loneliness, alienation, meaninglessness, confusion, lack of a sense of direction and purpose.
The anchor, the still point, is the Divine within us.
When we make a conscious choice to work with our Higher Self then we understand life and, all that happens, in a whole new way.
We understand that everything is teaching us to move forward up our spiritual mountain, always learning and growing. We realise that we have a choice as to how we will respond to any and every  challenge – what attitude we will have to what happens.
We are not meant to suffer, but to learn and grow – to grow in Unconditional love.  This is a mighty challenge and a mighty opportunity.
So long as we don’t learn from what happens to us, from our lessons, we learn through the school of hard knocks, through suffering.
When we accept that everything is teaching us exactly what we need to learn so as to move to the next step of our spiritual path, we learn through grace.  The challenges keep coming but we don’t suffer with them, we learn with them and move forward.  We begin to see very clearly that how we manage any challenge is key and that challenges lead us to discover strengths and resources within us that we never knew we had.
We are not here to beat ourselves up because of mistakes, but to learn from them, love and forgive ourselves and keep on keeping on.   When we learn from our mistakes we are much less likely to repeat them.  When we are repeating mistakes we need to do some serious journaling to understand why, so that we can change this pattern.
It is up to each one of us to make that choice to work with our Higher Self and to ask for this.  Because of free choice it doesn’t happen until we ask. You can deepen this connection through journaling and meditation and taking time to feel this Presence within you.  This is the beginning of real living.