Building Abundance Consciousness


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Money has become so corrupted by greed and selfishness and so locked up in the hands of a few. Poverty or lack consciousness is widespread. Money is an energy and we can free it by doing our part to build and live abundance consciousness. Remember the mind creates. What we hold in our minds, we manifest. This truth about the power of the mind has been spoken of by many great minds throughout history but we fail to take it on and live it.

We need to make a clear conscious choice that we desire to build and, to live in, abundance consciousness. We need to get our will behind this choice. Get your will behind your decision to choose abundance and go for it.


The next step is to give thanks for all you have – see how much you do have and bless it. Lack thinking has us so focused on lack that we fail to see what we do have and to be grateful for it. True gratitude brings increase.

Expect abundance.  Desire abundance. Consciously choose to let go of lack and to welcome abundance knowing it is yours if you desire it exclusively.  [This means you do not entertain doubt].


Visualise yourself living in abundance, experiencing abundance and all that it enables you to do in our world.

What do you see? Build this image and visit it regularly. Work with it at least once a day but preferably 3 times a day. If you want to create abundance consciousness you have to be very determined to work consistently on it. Whenever you’re waiting or queuing bring your abundance image to mind.


Write about the difference abundance will make to you and our world. Write in detail and enjoy this. Let your imagination work on it.


Hold the thought of abundance unwaveringly.


Vow to never allow words of lack such as I can’t afford that or money is tight. Never allow these thoughts or words. If you focus on lack you intensify and strengthen your experience of lack. If you do fall down, forgive self and write about the incident and what pulled you to think and/or speak in terms of lack. Re-write the situation where you think and speak abundance and vow to think only abundance from now on. Be determined.

Remind yourself that it is only your belief in poverty and you’re negative ego consciousness that prevents the abundance.


When you pay a bill give thanks to Spirit for having the abundance to do so. Enjoy paying bills.


Bless the money you have and the money you receive and give.

Give and receive money with gratitude in your heart.

Give and receive money freely.


Share what you have. To get we must give. It’s the nature of abundance to give and share. Receiving is tied in with giving.


Use your money to support those products, services, inventions, causes and channels that serve humanity and evolution. This is important. We need to use the abundance for good.


If you need more income sit with your journal and ask your Higher Self and Spirit to guide you to find work that will create income and structure in your life. Sometimes one of the obstacles to abundance is resistance to work. Regard your challenges with lack as teaching you exactly what you need to learn to help you to progress on your path and understand more.

Think about the hours you could work and think about the work you could see yourself doing.  Use imagination.  Write down what you come up with so you ground it. Acknowledge your fears, too, and don’t allow them to control you and hold you prisoner.

Keep focused and determined.


Affirm “I see abundance everywhere in our Universe and in my life.”

I give thanks for the abundance in my life.

Abundance, abundance, abundance.

I am ready to welcome abundance into my life.


Every day write in your journal about how you are determined to replace poverty and lack consciousness with abundance consciousness and about which part of the above outlined ideas you want to focus on for the next 7 days and then add on more ideas. Keep active on this if you really want to see changes in your experience of abundance, and to make a difference in our world with your abundance.


Based on an article from the I Am University