Self enquiry



Self enquiry is such an important part of learning, growing, healing, discovering the diamond that we truly are underneath all the mud on our diamond. As you work to understand what in you is causing you to get angry or hurt, to react, to get pulled into negativity, you begin to see how it is your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and interpretations that are the cause of your reactions. You begin to see how other people and situations are the trigger but not the cause.

You are acknowledging and looking into your own faults and weaknesses rather than being focused on what you think the other person needs to correct. It takes courage and being honest with yourself to acknowledge your part in any upset.

Now we resist this because we don’t want to see the cause as being within us and at first it doesn’t make sense to us.  You think but that person was so wrong, so unfair; it was the other person who reacted first; that person attacked me so I must stand up for myself otherwise I’m just being a doormat and how will they know how wrong they were if I don’t let them know by being angry with them, let them know how badly they made me feel.

Yes the other person most likely is acting from negative ego, too, but you don’t have to catch the dis-ease and react. This changes nothing and just keeps us stuck in repeating the same old patterns over and over.

We have looked outward for so long. We do this because this is what we learned. Also, we fear the idea of being wrong, the one who needs to correct behaviour because we deep down have such a poor self image.

The amazing thing is that as you have the courage and honesty to see your own part in any upset – and it’s essential to do this with love and firmness – you find all the beauty of your being and you have much more understanding of others and compassion for them. You are more merciful and less judgemental. You see how we are all dealing with the same old negative ego stuff and we are all diamonds, all Souls, on a Spiritual path home to the truth of who we are and why we are here.

Our tendency when we make a mistake, think we have been in the wrong, is to give ourselves a hard time. This is one habit we must unlearn and replace. Self abuse does not help us to learn, to improve. It only deflates us and leaves us feeling bad, wrong, unlovable, unworthy, a failure – confirming our false belief that we are not good enough. All illusion.

When you make a mistake, get angry, react, write about it in your journal so you understand why you reacted and tell yourself you do not want to do this again – you intend to learn, to improve, and you will work out how to help yourself to do this. Every day give time to listening to yourself, understanding why you reacted and being creative as to how to help yourself.

It can really help, too, to re-write the situation where you reacted with you responding the way you would like to. This firms up your resolution to improve and to be more prepared the next time this lesson comes up.

Keep determined to learn and improve and support yourself to do this and never give yourself a hard time.


A Christmas Present for you


These are a few of the wonderful teachings that have helped me so much on my path and made such a mighty difference in my experience of life.  We need to remind ourselves of these constantly and consistently so that we live them and grow in love.

  • Life is a precious opportunity.
  • Earth is a school – a tough one.
  • Everything is teaching us exactly what we need to learn now. The situation you see in your life as a problem and not what you want, is the best thing that could possibly happen for you.  If you accept it and take responsibility for it, rather than struggle against it, you will learn and grow.
  • Everything is a lesson, a challenge and an opportunity to grow.
  • We get off track and our lessons are teaching us to understand how we are off track so that we can get back on track – back on the path of truth.
  • The response of the awakened Soul to any problem is, Thank You. You take it on as exactly what is best for you.  This attitude has you seek solutions and expand your consciousness.
  • We are to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes – not give ourselves a hard time about them – that’s just more of the negative ego.
  • Personal power and self love and worth are the two first essential lessons for all of us to learn – they are essential to our psychological and Spiritual well being and growth.
  • This is the Age of Soul Consciousness. Mental development, developing the power of the mind, is essential on our path to Soul consciousness.
  • The ego sees separation and loneliness. The Soul sees connection and oneness.
  • The only thing we bring with us when we leave earth is our Soul’s growth.
  • Life is a precious opportunity to learn and grow – there is so much for us to discover.

Health and Well Being

There is so much sickness about and so much talk about it.  There are so many ads giving us gloomy predictions about health matters.  We believe in sickness and we give it a lot of energy.


I have health challenges myself and I believe health challenges are like any other challenge – they are teaching us something we need to learn.

I have been learning so much from my own health challenges.

The experience has helped me to understand very clearly that what we think, has so much power.

When I think weakness, I feel weak.  When I think strength and affirm my strength, health and power, I feel much better and have good energy.

When I say I’m tired or think tiredness, my whole body responds with tiredness.

When I think energy and vitality, I lift myself up and feel better.

Our minds have so much power and realising this will help us to change our mindset, our attitudes and beliefs, around sickness.

Then there are the physical symptoms we may experience.

Our learned reaction to symptoms is to get rid of them as quickly as possible.  This is really interesting.  We don’t think that there is anything else to do about them.  Sure aren’t they wrong, bad, in our way, a nuisance?

I am suggesting a very different possibility – that symptoms are messages telling us something is out of balance.

We need to listen to them – not get rid of them.

We need to listen to the messages the symptoms are giving us so that we can understand what in us needs healing and balancing.

A headache could be telling you that you are dehydrated and could bring your attention to the fact that you don’t drink enough water.  It could be letting you know that you are tense. If you wake up with a headache it could be telling you that you ate or drank something last night that doesn’t agree with you.  Doesn’t it make sense to try to understand what the headache is telling us so we can make the necessary changes?

It’s so different to listen to the message and to write about what it is telling you.

When we make space and listen to ourselves – to the dis-ease we are experiencing – it’s just a whole different way of going about life.

Doesn’t it make sense to try to understand the meaning of a symptom rather than to cover it up and go on living in the same old stress?

Now, we have largely accepted the idea that the way to deal with symptoms and sickness is to take medication.

Patrick Holford in his book “Food is better Medicine than Drugs” wrote about a doctor in Norway.  He set up a clinic where people could get support to change their diet and lifestyles as the way to deal with conditions such as late onset diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and such.  He has had great success and people have healed these conditions without medication.

His solution is to change diet and lifestyle.

So when we change our attitudes and beliefs around sickness, listen to symptoms and what they are telling us is out of balance and when we are prepared to make dietary and lifestyle changes, we are taking back our power to be healthy.

The Development of Consciousness

ImageWe are here to learn and grow, discover truth, evolve, live purposefully, live deeply and fully.  We are not here to suffer, be victims of our past and of life generally, or to make do.
Life is precious and there is so much that is unlived within us.
We have the power to become masters and healers through the development of our consciousness.
Life really begins when we make contact with the Soul, the Spirit within us and live our lives from this connection. When we choose to be guided by Spirit within, then, everything matters, every aspect of self and life.
You begin to understand how essential it is to your psychological health and growth, to claim and use your personal power and to learn to love yourself unconditionally.
Your physical body matters and you begin to love and care for it and to master it.  You stop giving your power away to your physical body and instead you take charge.
Now you begin to understand that symptoms are not to be “got rid of” but to be listened to and understood – they are telling you something is out of balance.  For example your headache might tell you that you are dehydrated and need to drink more water, or that you are stressed and need to work out what is stressing you and what action you can take to change this, or that you need to overcome the habit of having chocolate in the evening, or that you are stuck in some thought pattern and need to journal to get clear, and so on.  There are many possible messages that a headache can be giving you.
You become more aware of how you can be run by your emotions and how you can be at the mercy of your feelings.  You begin to understand that your feelings are caused by your thoughts and you can change your experience by changing your thoughts. You realise that when you give your power away to your feelings you end up feeling more confused and often feeling bad.
You see how so much of the time your mind is on automatic pilot, caught up in a constant flow of thoughts that you are not aware of.  You begin to understand how your mind is running you and that taking charge of the thoughts you allow into your mind and those you don’t allow, makes a real difference to how you experience life.
You begin to understand that when you work with your soul and take charge of your physical body, your emotions and your mind, life becomes so much better.  Now you are living, you are alive.
Meditation and journaling are two important ways of connecting with your Soul, with your inner guidance and beginning to understand the power and beauty of your Spirit and being and the meaning and purpose of your precious life.
“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks within, awakens.” Carl Jung

Photo thanks to Maggie Boate