Some Thoughts about the Challenges Trump brings



There is a lot of fear and a sense of powerlessness around the Trump presidency and the rise of this kind of power in the world. Socrates said “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

Separative, fear-based, negative, all about me and mine, thinking, is the old. Love, cooperation, working together for the greater good of all, is building the new.

Be very clear what you want to build in your life and in our world and take action to make this happen. What happens in our world depends on all of us doing our part to build the new and not give our power away to fear and powerlessness. As the saying goes – it’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

We could get stuck in criticising Trump’s politics, giving out about him, blaming, complaining, making fun of.  This just leads to feeling powerless, helpless. We could get stuck in negative expectation and doom and gloom, holding a dismal image of the world. Is this the energy we want to increase?


The world is steeped in separative, fear-based thinking, me, mine, looking after self and one’s own. That’s why we have the rise of such politics in our world. It’s not just Trump. It’s like he is the expression of a pattern that we need to clear, heal and change in our world generally.

We need to take responsibility for how separative, fear-based thinking operates in our own consciousness. It takes honesty and commitment to do this work but when we do it and keep replacing separation and fear with unity and love, we effect change in ourselves and in our world.

Our focus needs to be to build unity and love within self and radiate this out into the world, to hold a clear image of the world we want to create together and to take all positive action we can in our world to support love and unity and to be the change we want to see in our world. This is very powerful and effective.

As said “Instead of dividing us, let’s make Trump a force to bring us together, to fight for everything we love.







We now talk of depression as an illness and the most usual solution is medication. Depression has become such a blanket term. It’s a label that is not at all helpful to us, I think.

I have heard some doctors prescribe daily walks and time in Nature and that has been of great help to many who were fortunate enough to be given such a prescription.

Many see themselves as likely to suffer depression because one of their parents did. I think this is just a learned response to stress or some unresolved issues. Some tell themselves the story that depression runs in families. No, just patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour.

We need to look at the cause of depression – not just try to treat the symptom. Depression is an experience of defeat, of feeling something is too big, too overwhelming to deal with. It can be the result of long term unresolved negative thoughts and feelings. It can be caused by hurt and anger issues that have been internalised. Perhaps a stressful situation has been experienced for a long time or a person does not know how to talk about what’s bothering them or who to talk to – it may seem too awful to share or the idea of talking is too frightening.

Depression can also be the result of being cut off spiritually, having no connection with your Soul and with the purpose and meaning of life.

Alcohol, drugs and junk food can be causes of depression too.

People who describe themselves as depressed need to have the experience of expressing their issues in a safe situation with someone they can trust, and, through this, discover how they can heal and learn to feel good about themselves and life – and change their experience.

Depression is not an illness. It’s a response to a stressful situation. In some situations a person may need short term medication because they are not responding to the opportunity to talk about what’s bothering them.  This will not address the cause of the experience of feeling depressed but it will hopefully bring the person to the point where they can deal with the cause of their stress in a safe situation.

When you feel low ask yourself why. Listen and write in your journal. Think about why you are feeling depressed or low in energy.  Don’t just go for the quick fix and cover up the cause. Depression is an effect – look for the cause and learn and heal and grow. Take back your power to be healthy, strong and full of vitality.

Managing Fear, Worry and Anxiety



Truly fear has such a hold over the world, over each one of us. We think it is so real. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Worry is a deeply ingrained habit for many people – and yet worry is simply negative affirmation.  It depletes the worrier and is of no help to the one worried about. Why not pray for the person you are worried about? I also ask ArchAngel Michael to protect someone I could be pulled to worry about and then I practise trust.  Worry is of no help to anyone and simply causes a sense of powerlessness.  Anxiety, too, is so prevalent.

I will often say to myself, do not give in to fear, Gill. Fear grows and increases in strength as we feed it.  It disempowers us, limits us, paralyses us.

It’s very important to become aware of your fears – to write about them in your journal, what they are and why these things bring up fear for you.  Our fears control us so long as we avoid looking at them and dealing with them. Avoidance is fear’s best friend.

Fear is the effect of our belief that we are a physical body, an ego, separate.  We have forgotten who we are and why we are here. We can’t really begin to change the hold fear has over us until we choose to take on our Spiritual path and connect with our Soul, our Higher Self and the purpose of life.

When you begin to connect daily and frequently with your Higher Self and ask for help and guidance, you begin to understand how you are never alone, you are never on your own. You are always loved, supported and guided.  When you see every lesson as a challenge and opportunity to grow, you learn more and more about the love, wisdom and power that are within you – but you need to claim them and build them. When you deny the fear thought entry to your mind and instead choose to focus on and build love, trust, peace and so forth, your connection to your Soul and all the powers of your Soul, grows and strengthens.

The soul is imprisoned in the physical body so long as we believe and live as if we are a physical body and separate. When we begin to connect with our Soul and practise Soul energies such as love, joy, peace, gratitude, abundance and so forth, we begin to live as a Soul and to experience life through the perspective of our Soul. This is who we are.



Thinking in new ways


eagle flyingMBSept13

Life is a very precious opportunity.  Life is a Spiritual path and we’re not here to give out, complain, blame, feel powerless. Yet that’s what we keep doing. Take the most recent world challenge with Brexit.  So many doom and gloom predictions. So much powerlessness and negative expectation expressed in conversations.

This pattern of seeing what happens as problems rather than challenges and opportunities, is so deeply ingrained in people that it’s difficult for people to understand that there is another way to perceive challenges.

Einstein said “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

While most conversations about Brexit are filled with negative expectations and attention on the worst case scenarios there are positive voices coming through as well. Some have expressed the view that the European Union, as it is run now, is not democratic – it needs to change. It is good to look at how we do things and see how we need to improve.

We must see with this challenge that it is not just a challenge for the UK – it affects all of us. We are all in this together. This is true of most world challenges. If we do not work together for the greater good of all, we will fail to find the solutions that create more and better for all.

Take the whole matter of sustainability and looking after our earth. Many are telling us that there will be huge economic benefit in becoming more eco conscious in how we live – more jobs, more sustainable power sources, better health, better living conditions, more to share around for all.

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” Einstein

We are so used to the fear and negative expectation. That is what seems so real to us. We need to stop using powerless language and think in terms of opportunity, working together for solutions and positive action. There is so much good change taking place where people are cooperating in a spirit of goodwill, ready to learn, grow and discover.

The mayor of Copenhagen has said that they intend to be carbon neutral in ten years time and he has the citizens of Copenhagen all backing this idea and doing their part.

The Duhallow community group in north Cork has been giving a lead for many years through its work for wildlife and the environment. And there is so much more.


What is the Purpose of Life?



More and more I see this as being a deeply important question for us to ask and to talk about together. Everyone needs a sense of purpose, to have a purpose in life.

Without purpose, you are rudderless, unclear about your direction – simply latching onto whatever comes by.  You get more and more stuck in the material world – filling up time with busy-ness, with having to have something to look forward to, with distractions.

You’re busy just getting through life.

Look at what happens when we get sick. We’ll do anything to hold onto life. Why? This is an important question. Why do I want to live longer, extend my life? What is it I want to do with my life?

Einstein said I don’t want my life artificially prolonged. He was content to make his transition and move on to the next part of his journey when that time came. He wasn’t holding on to life for the sake of it. He believed his work for this life was completed. This takes courage. We need to talk about these matters.

So people fill their lives. Alcohol helps to fill the void, drugs too. They are ways to keep up the illusion. It’s part of the numbing out.

TV, too, and screens generally – they fill up space nicely – otherwise what? Yet we need to realise that the violent, sexual and dramatic programmes and films we look at, disturb our minds, emotions and physical bodies.

It’s time to wake up and choose what you want your life to be about – this will make a whole big difference to how you live and where you put your energy.

You are here for a purpose. Each of us has a part to play in our world and each part is very important. Just think, when you choose to not entertain negative thoughts and instead fill your mind and heart with love, you feel so much better [filled with the energy of love instead of negativity] and you send the energy of love out into the world, into mass consciousness, instead of the negativity. The more each one of us practises this, the more we fill mass consciousness with Soul energy and transform the sea of negative energy.

Life is a Spiritual path and the purpose of life is to live in Soul consciousness.


Personal Power in Action

When I am owning my personal power I understand that my thoughts create my feelings and my reality and what I attract and repel in my life. I need to be in charge and conscious.

Personal Power is about being a leader over self and in society – mastering your energies in service of a Divine purpose.

We have the choice to give our negative thoughts and emotions free reign and to suffer the ongoing consequences or to choose to think positive spiritual thoughts and experience the feelings such thoughts create. This demands personal power.

Personal power is about caring and being involved in making changes that serve the greater good.  This power is in each one of us.

Personal power means that I take responsibility for my own reactions and learn from my mistakes and keep learning, growing and discovering.



New Beginnings



There is opportunity now for new beginning.  Many talk about it being of no use to set goals and make resolutions because they just don’t keep them. They start out with all this energy of renewal and then loose the drive.
Resolutions and setting goals are essential to us if we are to keep learning and growing and not just making do and getting on with life in a half-hearted way.
Life is precious and we are here to learn and grow – to discover new territories, new abilities, skills, gifts, solutions, ways of seeing and understanding.
We all have patterns that are not serving us, habits that keep us stuck, old beliefs that limit us.
We all need to connect with the Christopher Columbus within and set forth to discover the greatness within. As you do this you will increase your energies, your strength, your understanding, your vision.
It’s time to do a clear out of all the old stuff that’s clogging up your energies and your space. It’s time to get clear about what is important to you, what’s stopping you and what you are willing to do to live your life more fully.
It takes courage to get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself, but, when you do, life becomes so much more interesting.  Now you are living – aware of that mighty spirit within you. Now you are beginning to get a sense of the power in you to take positive, intelligent action, to create, to get involved, to make changes.
Do we really believe we are here to just put up with the way things are; to keep creating more fear, sickness, lack and war; to keep feeling helpless, powerless, pushed around by life?
Things will change when the blaming and complaining stop and we stop allowing fear to rule and guide us. It is time to work together, let go of the old and create the new.
Setting goals to give up smoking, drinking sweet fizzy drinks, eating sugar in all its various guises, reduce or give up alcohol and coffee, are essential to your health and well-being.
Other goals might be to drink more water, exercise more, spend less time in front of the TV and/or playing games, get involved in helping build community, get up earlier, go to bed earlier, include meditation and journaling in your daily routine, take action on something that is holding you stuck, learn new skills, develop new interests.
Now, sure you might find you give up or fall down on your efforts but the key is to pick yourself up and start over – never give up.
This is so important – never give up, never give into defeat. If we are to move forward we must develop discipline and staying power.  We must persist.  These are not drudgery – these are qualities that have you at the helm of your ship, clear on your direction rather than tossed around by any squall or storm.
Don’t allow any excuses such as “I am not a disciplined sort of person”.  This is a very limiting and disempowering label to put on yourself. Discipline is a quality we all need and one we must work at.
It is time to take courage, move forward, do your part.  Your part is essential to the whole – no part is less or more important.
Every effort you make to change and improve you and your life, makes a difference to the whole.