Never Give up


If you run up against problems, difficulties, resistance as you are trying to create more structure, order and discipline– write about these in your journal. Take time to listen to what’s going on for you.

Never give yourself a hard time and allow disappointment. These faulty habits take away your motivation and power. In this you are giving your power away to your critical inner parent who just leaves you feeling unworthy, unlovable, bad, a failure.

It’s all about practice and allowing yourself to learn. We learn through making mistakes and writing about them so we understand what happened and gain the golden nugget of wisdom there is to learn from the mistake.

Each one of us needs to build discipline and we all have this quality latent within us but we must claim it, practise it and visualise ourselves living it. Remember discipline is ordered activity, not a noose around your neck or a harsh authority figure ordering you about the place.

Choose to build discipline for yourself, not out of duty or trying to be perfect. Sell the idea to yourself by focusing on how it will benefit you and others around you. It’s a way of loving yourself – taking steps that lessen stress and have you more at the helm of your ship.

Never give up. What really builds your power, discipline and determination, is to pick yourself up, and start over. Never give up on yourself.

“Never give up.” I have found those words, which are up on my bathroom wall, really help me to stay connected to what I want to achieve and why. They keep me connected to my strength.

Remember, in order to keep focused on a goal you need to have a clear purpose. Write about why you want to make this change, this improvement. Why is it important to you?

Write about how it will benefit you and your experience of life. Sell the idea to yourself.

Never give up. Don’t allow a sense of deprivation, the missing of whatever it may be such as lying on an extra half hour, whatever you are letting go of in your diet, and such. Focus on the benefits and why you want to make these changes. This will strengthen your resolve.





Moving into Soul Consciousness Part 1



We are now to become Soul conscious beings. This is our evolutionary goal at this time. We are to learn to think, feel, behave and speak as Soul conscious beings.

Having a sense of purpose is essential. It helps us to have a sense of direction. It brings focus and clarity to one’s life and helps us to give up that tendency to be all over the place, for our energies to be going in all directions. You can now choose to see your purpose as being to realise that you are a Soul and to learn to live in Soul consciousness.

We have believed that we are physical bodies and egos and lived as if separate from the Divine and unaware of the Soul. Ego, physical body consciousness, is about fear, separation, loneliness, threat, anxiety. Soul consciousness is about love and oneness, peace, joy and gratitude, abundance, willpower, order and rhythm, all is well.

Whenever there is fear, you are caught in separation. Fear is so prevalent in the world now. The more we focus on it, the more we experience it. We think this is normal – that this is reality and there’s no seeing it any other way.

Fear is so real because of our belief in separation. We can now learn to rid ourselves of this belief and replace it with belief in love and oneness. It takes learning, expanding our understanding, practice, patience and never giving up. The more you practise it, the more you will experience it. The more you focus on it, the more your experience of it will increase.

Often the strength of your lower self and, old faulty thinking of the negative ego, will pull you off and you will need to use your mind and your willpower to pull your attention back to your Soul and love, joy, gratitude, peace, abundance, willpower, wholeness, trust, oneness. This is how we do it – constantly picking ourselves up after a fall and keeping on keeping on, nurtured by the increased love, joy, peace and gratitude we experience.




Make a decision to live your life with purpose.  Purpose gives meaning, clarity and direction to your life.  You are clear about what life is about and what you want to direct your energies towards.

It’s so easy to get caught in the busy-ness of life and to have your energies going in all sorts of directions.

How do you get clear about your purpose?

It’s good to ask questions like what is life about?  What do I want to do with my life?  What do I see out there in the world that needs changing? What can I do to make a difference in our world?

There’s a lot of giving out and railing against things.  This keeps us feeling angry and powerless. And the more we do this the more negative energy we create within us and around us.  And nothing gets better.

When, instead we look at a problem and think about solutions to this we expand our consciousness – we discover potential and resources we were not even aware of.  In taking this attitude to problems we experience an increase in energy and in our power to solve.

Think about your gifts, about what you are good at and about what you love to do.  This takes time – most people aren’t aware of these because they don’t tend to think in terms of their giftedness and what they are good at.

This ground work is essential and until you do it you won’t have a clear idea of your purpose. You need to make time in your life for this and to come back to it a number of times to help you get clear.  You need to stop that negative voice in yourself that might get in your way, saying things like you don’t know or that this is too much work or you don’t have the time.  Don’t give your power away to that voice.

Approach all of this with excitement and enthusiasm – you are finding your way, on a path of discovery, opening up to more and more of who you are and what life is about.

Our world needs you and the part you are to play.

Nourishing Your Spirit and Connecting with Truth

Copy of sun-150x150

Our purpose is firstly so much about awakening to Spirit within us and learning to think, feel and act from the consciousness of Soul and Spirit.

Meditation is one very important way of learning to still our physical, emotional and mental bodies so that we can listen to the “still small voice within”.

When we meditate at the same time and in the same place every day, we are working with the rhythm of the Universe and this greatly enhances our meditation.

When we stop and still ourselves and focus on our breath for even 10 minutes in the morning, we are connecting with Spirit.

It does take time and commitment to reap the benefits of daily meditation but this will deeply nourish your Spirit and connect you with truth.




Buddha said that all suffering comes from attachments.

If your focus is “I can’t be happy until such a desire is fulfilled” then, you won’t be. You are believing that your happiness depends on this one thing.

When you are attached your only thought is for this one thing that you haven’t got so you don’t see all that you do have.

When we are attached to some desire we repel it because our energy is taken up with the “not having”.

The key is to have preferences but not attachments – to ask for what you want and take action to bring it to you but continue to live fully.



Life as a Spiritual Path

ImageThe Starting Point – the beginning of living fully and deeply, is truly, to attune to the Spirit within you and to realise that you are Divine. This is what connects you, directs you and gives purpose to your life.

So every day, every moment, is a precious opportunity.  We are here to grow through life so every part of life matters.

Life is a Spiritual path – a path to reach our fullest potential.

Life is a journey of discovery.

There is always more to learn and understand.

So much greatness for us to unfold.

Yet we keep limiting ourselves and just getting on with life.  We may get glimpses of the “so much more” but then we go back to the old habitual ways, the same old “safe” beliefs and thought patterns. The stuff we “know”.

That old comfort zone.

You might read a book that inspires you or hear a talk that moves you but now what do you do with that?  Does it loose its impact for you as the days and weeks go by or do you write about what has touched you and live what you have learned so that you grow and move forward?

What do you want?  What is important to you?  What do you keep putting off?  Where are you stuck?  What are your main challenges at this time in your life?  What is it you are afraid of?

We can live life in an ordinary “getting through it” way or we can live it meaningfully and purposefully.  We have that choice.  Play safe or live fully and deeply.

This is such a powerful choice and of course it brings up fear.  What would that mean?  What would change?  What would I have to let go of?  How would I know what to do?

The first step is to choose to grow and to then sit with your Higher Self and Spirit and ask for guidance. You will get it but you must listen and keep listening. Answers may come in the form of something someone says, a book, an idea, an opportunity – keep attentive and aware. Keep open.

There is so much potential in each one of us waiting for us to trust and believe and take positive action.  Life is to be lived fully.  Are you ready?