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Truth is something we discern from within.  As we develop a relationship with our Soul, our Higher Self, we become much clearer as to what is truth for us at this time [though always being open to more learning and expanding our understanding of truth].

What we discard as truth at one particular time in our lives we may well see differently at another time.

Very often our ego discards what we hear because it brings up fear or is too different. Always be ready to think about why you are saying no to something. Writing about it in your journal can really clarify things for you.

An open mind is so important now because we are mostly so stuck in old ideas, old thinking, old ways, that no longer serve us. It’s just the pull of that comfort zone and dislike of change and difference.

An open mind and discernment and a strong relationship with your Higher Self will help you greatly to discern between ego’s dismissal and the knowing which results from your deepening connection with the inner guidance of your Higher Self.






Silence truly is golden. It is nourishing. It is essential. In the silence we can connect, centre, listen. In the silence we can begin to hear that “still small voice” within – the voice of Spirit, of our Soul.

So many think they should be socialising, generally in company and chatting.  They think this is the right way to be – there’s something wrong with you if you want time on your own, if you want to go to bed early, or have a quiet night at home on your own, or don’t want to go to a particular social event or not drink alcohol.

Spending time with others, being in relationship, is very important but, so too, is time alone. It’s all about balance. It’s also about learning to be true to yourself and not going with the crowd – feeling wrong if you think differently.

So much of life can be filled with distractions. So much of life can be numbing out.  We waste a lot of time.

In the silence we can begin to hear that “still small voice” of our Soul speaking to us, loving us, guiding us. This is our compass in life. This is where we need to be checking in – not with what others think or what the world tells us is important if you want to fit in, be cool, be liked.

Take time to sit in silence. Feel the stillness.

Take time to sit and quiet your mind. Slow down. Breathe. Become conscious of the inner you.

Light a candle and sit in silence, stillness, peace.

Find time in your day to play some uplifting music and feel the vibrations of the music touch your Soul.

Take time to be in Nature – walking, gardening, or just being out in Nature, connecting with the beauty, the wonder of our earth and world.

Make space in your day, in your life, to be still, to listen, to connect. “Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks within, awakens.” Carl Jung


Living Your Day



What I do with my life, with my time here, really matters. Life is a precious opportunity and the only thing we take with us when we leave is our Spiritual growth.

Some people experience having too much to do in a day – the day isn’t long enough. Others would say that they have nothing to get up for. We can change these experiences and live a full, ordered and meaningful life.

Just as the Universe is based on order and rhythm – which we rely on – so we need to have order in the way we live our life. Structure, Order, Rhythm, Discipline – these are essential to life. Without these we just drift along, often experiencing overwhelm and wasting a lot of time.

When we work to develop these qualities we use time efficiently, we become much more organised and so we have more time available to us.

Discipline is a word many don’t like and many would say they are not the discipline type. But discipline is something you build, you develop, and it’s essential to progressing and growing. We need it and we all have the ability to develop it.

Discipline is ordered activity – it’s you choosing to set up order and routines in your life so that you have a sense of the overall structure of your day. People can see routine as boring but routine means you fit in so much more and experience a lot more efficiency. You don’t waste time over and over as a result of forgetting, or losing stuff or your energy being scattered. Living your day – structure, order, rhythm



Every day we need time to be still and to connect with our Soul, with Spirit in meditation. Every day we need time to journal so that we understand more and can use our minds to manage our emotions [rather than be run by them] and to resolve issues. Every day we need time to focus on lofty, uplifting, inspiring thoughts and ideas. These need to be the foundation of our day, our sustenance giving us the focus we need to live our day and keep growing in love.

These need to be part of our daily structure and will make all the difference. It can seem at first like an impossibility to fit all of this in but if you realise its importance and are prepared to schedule these in [giving yourself time to work out a routine and yet also being firm], you will do it.

“He is able who thinks he is able.” Buddha


Truth and Illusion  


We have been caught up for so long in the illusion that we are just an ego, a personality, a physical body.  This has had us utterly concerned with what other people think of us, having the approval of others, preoccupied with the need to feel we matter, have importance, are special, are loved, making an impression, being seen by others as beautiful, being successful in the eyes of society – always our worth and lovableness are tied up with what we think others think of us – how we think we are rated by the world.

The truth is that what we think others think of us is a fickle thing, and is based on trying to judge what pleases or displeases the other person.  An impossible task and we are so fixed on it – often quite unconsciously.

It is all connected with conditional love – I love you if you please me, if I approve of you, if you measure up.

Why does it matter so much what others think of us?  Because we have an old belief that in order to survive we must “fit in”.  I must hide my truth so that I will “fit in”.

There is a deep fear of rejection, abandonment and so we strive to “fit in”, to be included.  The ego sees life this way because it lives in the illusion of separation.  And the belief in separation causes the fear.

The truth is that I can never be rejected because I am a Soul and a part of the whole – there is no separation.

From Soul’s perspective our concern is not whether we are loved or matter but that we love, that we care, that we are doing our part in the world and living our best life.  And as we give love we experience love and as we do our part in the world we receive and our cup is overflowing.  We rise up out of the illusion of limitation and fear and our whole vision of what life is about expands and flourishes.

Nourishing Your Spirit and Connecting with Truth

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Our purpose is firstly so much about awakening to Spirit within us and learning to think, feel and act from the consciousness of Soul and Spirit.

Meditation is one very important way of learning to still our physical, emotional and mental bodies so that we can listen to the “still small voice within”.

When we meditate at the same time and in the same place every day, we are working with the rhythm of the Universe and this greatly enhances our meditation.

When we stop and still ourselves and focus on our breath for even 10 minutes in the morning, we are connecting with Spirit.

It does take time and commitment to reap the benefits of daily meditation but this will deeply nourish your Spirit and connect you with truth.



It really is a big challenge for us to realise that we are having lessons. We keep focusing on the cause of the upset as outside of ourselves.

We can’t see the lesson because our thoughts and feelings are keeping us stuck in the belief that the other person or situation is so unfair.  So the lesson keeps repeating.

We get caught in the reaction, the upset, the feelings of anger, hurt, fear, rejection and such.

We need to use our minds to think about what is going on inside of us so we can understand more and make conscious choices.

Living this understanding that lessons are teaching us rather than life being about other people or situations upsetting us, deeply changes our perspective and experience.


The Starting Point

The starting point, the beginning of living fully and deeply, is truly, to attune to the Spirit within you and to realise that you are Divine. This is what connects you, directs you and gives meaning to your learning and growing.
So much of the time people are living outside of themselves – so much of the time, even when we take on the spiritual path, we live outside of ourselves.  We need to constantly attune and bring ourselves back to the centre, to the heart and soul of ourselves.
This cut off from the Divine, from Spirit, from the soul leads to so much suffering, isolation, loneliness, alienation, meaninglessness, confusion, lack of a sense of direction and purpose.
The anchor, the still point, is the Divine within us.
When we make a conscious choice to work with our Higher Self then we understand life and, all that happens, in a whole new way.
We understand that everything is teaching us to move forward up our spiritual mountain, always learning and growing. We realise that we have a choice as to how we will respond to any and every  challenge – what attitude we will have to what happens.
We are not meant to suffer, but to learn and grow – to grow in Unconditional love.  This is a mighty challenge and a mighty opportunity.
So long as we don’t learn from what happens to us, from our lessons, we learn through the school of hard knocks, through suffering.
When we accept that everything is teaching us exactly what we need to learn so as to move to the next step of our spiritual path, we learn through grace.  The challenges keep coming but we don’t suffer with them, we learn with them and move forward.  We begin to see very clearly that how we manage any challenge is key and that challenges lead us to discover strengths and resources within us that we never knew we had.
We are not here to beat ourselves up because of mistakes, but to learn from them, love and forgive ourselves and keep on keeping on.   When we learn from our mistakes we are much less likely to repeat them.  When we are repeating mistakes we need to do some serious journaling to understand why, so that we can change this pattern.
It is up to each one of us to make that choice to work with our Higher Self and to ask for this.  Because of free choice it doesn’t happen until we ask. You can deepen this connection through journaling and meditation and taking time to feel this Presence within you.  This is the beginning of real living.