Cause and Effect



Every cause has an effect. Every effect has a cause. We need to think about things more and think in terms of cause and effect.

You might wake up with a headache and your immediate action is to go for a painkiller to get rid of it. There is no thought given to the cause of this headache – that the headache is an effect, the result of something. So instead of going for the painkiller, you could put a few drops of peppermint oil in your palm and rub your hands together and inhale. This will help and then sit with your journal and think and write about what caused your headache. Start at the physical level. Are you drinking enough fresh water? Are you getting enough exercise and fresh air? Did you eat too late? Is there enough fresh air circulating in your bedroom at night? Do you leave mobiles, computers and TVs outside of your bedroom? Did you have too much screen time the day before? Think what might have caused your headache at the physical level.

Then move onto the psychological level. Did you go to bed in an emotional state, with some issue unresolved? Were you watching violent or dramatic programmes before sleep?  Is there something about today on your mind? Are you stressed, tense about something? Think about why you have this headache and then you can really look after it and learn from it and make the adjustments you need to make so that you don’t need to keep having headaches.

You may notice that you are feeling moody or in a low mood. Ask yourself why, what has caused this and write about it in your journal. Ask your Higher Self to help you to understand the cause of your feelings. This way you don’t need to be a victim of your emotions.

If you have a reaction to something or someone, if something upsets you, ask why, what is causing this upset and write about it. And remember that the cause of your upset is coming from your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and interpretations. The other person or situation is the trigger but not the cause.

Start to think more in terms of cause and effect and see what you learn from this and how it helps your understanding and taking charge of yourself and what you experience


Saying thank you for Challenges.


Some years ago, I was reading “Grace and Grit” written by Ken Wilbur with his new wife, Treya, who had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

I was struck so much by something Ken said in the book – that we need to say thank you for our challenges. Thank you for cancer, I thought?  How could you bring yourself to think this let alone say this? It stayed there in the back of my mind and now I understand.

What helped me to understand was coming across Joshua Stone’s work and his teachings.  He talks about how we are here to learn and grow, not to just get through life. This made big sense to me. Yes, life is a precious opportunity and all about learning and growing.

He explained that everything that happens is a lesson, a challenge and an opportunity.  Things that upset us are important teachers for us. They are showing us what in us needs healing and clearing.

Say, for example, that I get upset by being behind a slow car. If I go with the upset and see the driver as a nuisance, getting stressed about it, I increase my upset. If, instead, I think lesson, challenge and opportunity, I think about what this is to teach me. It’s definitely teaching me to be patient and this is a very important lesson in life. It may also be teaching me to give myself more time to get to places so that I’m not rushing [a big cause of stress].

I feel more relaxed because I am not giving my power away to my feelings. I am using my mind to think about the situation. I am not a victim of the situation. I am taking charge and learning from my experience so that I don’t have to keep repeating this lesson.

Sleep Disturbance


I am hearing more and more people talk about how they are insomniacs and sleep very little or, very poorly, at night.

Many people turn to sleeping pills or just put up with it. We need to think, and to work out why – observe and discover.  Every effect has a cause.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your sleep you need to give time to understanding what might be causing this.

Insomnia might be caused by something that is troubling you, perhaps that you are unconscious of, and when you face this and understand it, it won’t have control over you any longer.

When we look at a problem as our teacher, we seek solutions, we seek to understand more, and so we expand our consciousness and become aware of so much more.

Why are we satisfied to just take the sleeping pill or to just put up with it and feel powerless over sleep disturbance?

Why do we not seek to understand the cause of sleep disturbance so that we can discover more, understand more about what is disturbing us?

Difficulty with sleep can be caused by too busy a mind, being too active before bedtime, going to bed upset – with unresolved issues.

Sleep difficulties can also be the result of coffee, tea, eating late, junk foods, and disturbance to your electromagnetic field caused by wifi, TV, computer etc in the bedroom.

We need to think about things and seek to understand the cause of every effect we experience. Everything is teaching us something important that we need to learn.